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MTC Knockout Project a resounding success

2020-10-05  Paheja Siririka

MTC Knockout Project a resounding success
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Thirty Namibian personalities outdid themselves at the second edition of the MTC Knockout Project, aimed at addressing the inadequacies of homelessness in Namibia, at a show hosted at the NTN over the weekend.
The show officially opened to all the personalities singing ‘Helping Hands’, written by Owen Dion Auala of PDK and produced by Glo Solani Zulu. Grootfontein-based Paulus Njambi, known as Nigger Get Rich, was the surprising act for the evening, singing ‘Changes’, although some say the song should be named Hage Geingob rather, since that’s mostly what can be heard.

The most outstanding performance was from MC and radio personality Che Ulenga, who brought her A-game with Natural by Sally Boss Madam. She then closed her performance with the song ‘Boss Madam’. Indeed, she was natural and a boss madam in her own right. She possessed the energy, attitude – and overall, she had fun on stage.
Actress, TV presenter, film director and fashion brand owner Maria Nepembe, who performed as KP Illest, also levelled up and made her presence felt. The businesswoman walked on stage with zest in a red check two pieces singing to ‘Levels’ by KP Illest featuring Young T and Kachinga. She then performed the ever-popular ‘Okay Okay’.

MTC’s CEO Licky Erastus, Chief Of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Tim Ekandjo and Chief Commercial Officer Melvin Angula did a stellar job performing as PDK. They started their vibrant and energetic performance with ‘My Size’, followed by ‘Moko’. One could tell they were having fun on stage. 

Dr Esperance Luvindao said: “I said it today and I will say it again: there have been numerous comments saying we will not end homelessness in one night. That is not what we are trying to do; the aim is to start somewhere – start the conversation; start the difference. Make the difference in our little way – and in so doing, encourage others to continue the conversation way beyond the 3 October 2020. 
She further mentioned that homelessness affects everyone and it is time to initiate. 
“As a health worker, homelessness and health are directly intertwined. How do you tell a diabetic patient to adhere to their treatment if they don’t have a fridge to store the insulin? It’s a vicious cycle,” admitted Dr Luvindao, who was endorsed by MTN and performed as gospel sensation Maranatha Goroh.
All the personalities closed the show in style with PDK’s Saka, incorporating messages about homelessness in the lyrics, sung by Melvin Angula.

As much as the show was hilarious in all essence, including the amazing collage of wooden mic moments, we can’t shy away from the annoying technical difficulties that persisted the entire night and the unnecessary long pauses in between acts. 
The ordeal of trying to log in and still getting stuck for about an hour or more created anger and frustration to streamers until the team eventually provided a free link to the show.

The show was for a good cause, as it roped in 22 corporate companies, partnered with MTC through pledges on behalf of the 30 personalities, having been officially launched in July 2020. 
The show has been played more than 34 000 times on Vimeo.
With the creative MTC team, we can’t help but wonder what the next theme of the MTC Knockout Project will be. 
The MTC Knockout Project raked in N$1 million for this second edition.

2020-10-05  Paheja Siririka

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