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Muinjangue defeats coup attempt…as NEC endorses deputy minister appointment 

2021-05-10  Staff Reporter

Muinjangue defeats coup attempt…as NEC endorses deputy minister appointment 
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Utjiua Muinjangue has defeated a faction in NUDO which was helllbent on removing her as president after her appointment as health deputy minister.

The newly elected National Unity Democratic Organisation’s national executive committee (NEC), which held its first meeting on Saturday, unanimously endorsed, retrospectively, her appointment as health deputy minister.

This endorsement brings an end to ongoing plans aimed at ousting Muinjangue as party president, which came as a result of her appointment by President Hage Geingob in March 2020.

After her appointment, there was an orchestrated attempt to get her out of office before the end of the year. Another bone of contention was Muinjangue’s alleged failure to consult the party  leadership when she accepted Geingob’s appointment as deputy minister.

However, Nudo secretary general Josef Kauandenge told New Era yesterday that it has been a hotly debated issue within the party for the past two years.

“At its first meeting on Saturday, the NEC unanimously agreed and endorsed her position or decision taken by the previous leadership that there is nothing in the constitution of the party that prevents her from taking up a position in the Republic of Namibia. I think this will put to rest this whole issue of legitimacy on whether it was legal or not, or whether the issue was consulted on or not. I think this decision will go a long way to harmonise the relationship within the party, going forward. For us, it’s a major thing that we have put this to rest finally,” Kauandenge said.

The NEC meeting was attended by 24 newly elected leaders, who among other issues resolved that Muinjangue’s appointment as deputy health minister in the government is proper.

Although Muinjangue was herself part of that decision, she expressed some sigh of relief when contacted for comment yesterday.

“Yes, indeed it is somehow a relief, but I remain alert. Constitutionally, there is nothing wrong. It’s an opportunity to contribute to nation-building and Nudo is serving the Namibians, and is adding value to the wellbeing and dignity of the Namibian nation. Yes, I have been a very positive person,” she noted.

The NEC also resolved that all members, either expelled or suspended, should seek redress by lodging their appeals to a yet-to-be-established disciplinary committee.

Equally, a committee is to be established to facilitate dialogue between the party’s leadership and the chief counsel to attend to outstanding matters.

Nudo is expected to partake in the upcoming Opuwo rural by-election, slated for July this year.

Muinjangue became Nudo president in March 2019 when she defeated Vetaruhe Kandorozu at the party’s third extraordinary elective congress. 

2021-05-10  Staff Reporter

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