• April 22nd, 2019
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Mujohn is back to stay

Ochrain Sampaya Windhoek-Descending from the dusty plains of Katima Mulilo is a young, motivated and determined hip-hop artist, who for some time made a name for himself with his song, ‘Shamukuni’. After a hiatus of about a year, which had the rumour mill abuzz about his whereabouts, the ‘Shamukuni’ star is back with yet another offering. Mujohn is working on ‘Only Human’, which he describes as a piece of art that will never be forgotten. “On this album I put my all, my fans came first. So, disappointment is what they can expect last when they hear it,” he promises. He has worked on it with many established artists such as Exit, Lil D, Paul da Prince and House Gurus. “I think this time my fans will be excited with the outcome of the album. I collaborated with artists of different genres just to give everybody a sum of something.” His manager, Charli,e says he is happy they made it again after a hard devotion of work on the album.”We worked tirelessly on this album, but it was worthwhile, as we want to give the best to our fans and I’m happy we made it,” Charlie says. The album is expected out end of this month and will be available in every music store with the launch set for next month when he plans to share the stage with artists such as House Guru, Lil D, Exit, Mushe and DJ Siya. Mujohn is no stranger to the music industry, especially the hip-hop genre, going back as far as 2005. In 2006, he made his debut with the song ‘Break it off ‘, featuring Lil D, that saw him sharing the stage with artists like Big Ben, Mr Makoya and the PDK. “That moment will be in my memories forever, I couldn’t believe it, but it happened; that’s when I decided to push the forward button,” says Mujohn. . The same song was nominated for the 2012 NBC/Sanlam Music Awards. “That inspired me, and I felt appreciated. Who makes it to the awards with a product that is off quality? That made me realise I was in for the game,” he emphasises. In 2013, he released his single featuring Zambian ‘Wangu ni Wangu’ hit maker, OC, which dominated the Top 10 countdown on Radio Energy on spot one and three.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-17 11:23:53 1 years ago

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