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Murorua assumes the helm of banker’s association

2021-05-12  Staff Reporter

Murorua assumes the helm of banker’s association
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Recently appointed managing director of Nedbank Namibia Martha Murorua has taken over as chairperson of the Bankers Association of Namibia (BAN) for a one-year term. She assumes the role from CEO of Letshego Bank Ester Kali as outgoing chair.  

Upon accepting the new role, Murorua thanked the BAN board for yet another task. 

“Nedbank looks forward to advocating for our industry, and we foster the importance of inclusivity and financial literacy in Namibia. These are difficult and unpredictable times, yet we have seen financial institutions lean in to assist their clients and consumers in navigating the current economic climate. The zeal and determination with which they serve their customers and communities are inspiring,” she said. 

Murorua added: “It is important for the spirit of teamwork to continue amongst ourselves because as much as healthy competition is necessary, we must also support each other to collectively build our industry and to help Namibia to thrive.” 

Outgoing board chairperson Ester Kali said she embraced her one-year term, highlighting many achievements during the most difficult period for any board amidst the Covid pandemic. 

“This hand-over ceremony was arranged to highlight a lot of milestones achieved in such a short period of time and to also mention future plans that will successfully be implemented through the next couple of months. It is critical for us to also highlight a few challenges to share lessons learnt so that when the boat continues to be steered upwards, we are better geared,” Kali noted. 

Amongst the many accomplishments during her 12 months as chair, Kali celebrated the appointment of BAN’s CEO with the board being able to successfully open its head office in Windhoek. 

“Never would I have imagined that the Bankers Association could appoint its new CEO. This moment was quite nostalgic, as it reminded me years ago of how Letshego Bank first obtained its license… Since his appointment on August 18th, Brain Katjaerua (BAN CEO) has been able to run with the ball by setting up our office and managing a lot of tasks that required a massive team. I thank you, Brian, for your continued leadership and I am sure you will be able to continue with all of the strategic plans during your terms as CEO,” Kali gracefully mentioned. 

Meanwhile, Bank of Namibia governor Johannes !Gawaxab expressed his appreciation for the past year and the manner in which the Bankers Association managed to keep on track in the worst economic climate experienced by all sectors. 

“Job well done to Ester Kali and team. With the constant engagement with my office and yours, this ensured the best interest of all of our customers during a very uncertain time. We managed to navigate through a lot and the fruits can be seen today, with many accomplishments highlighted by outgoing chair, Ms Kali. For the regulator, it is not business as usual, as it is providing financial stability. We remain to our core values to ensure a stable and sound economy;. We need to mobilise stakeholders to implement strategy. We need to 

transform banking that aligns with digital breakthrough, modernise financial systems and restore economic recovery,” !Gawaxab commended.

2021-05-12  Staff Reporter

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