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Mutwa followers declare him as new Masubia chief

2021-12-08  Staff Reporter

Mutwa followers declare him as new Masubia chief
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NGOMA – A faction of the Masubia royal family has declared Gilbert Muhongo Mutwa as the new Masubia chief in a move expected to trigger a storm. 

Mutwa is the son of late Masubia chief Joshua Mutwa Moraliswani II, who died in 1996 and was replaced by his brother Kisco Maiba Moraliswani III, who succumbed to Covid-19 in July this year. 

New Era understands division between the royal families has delayed the proceedings to elect a new chief. 

A faction of the royal family chose Mutwa back in August. 

However, other family members have other ideas.

The Mutwa faction has been pushing the Masubia Khuta (traditional court) to accept Mutwa and subsequently coronate him as Maiba’s successor. 

The Khuta has refused to budge. 

However, the royal family faction took matters into their own hands and announced Mutwa as the new chief at the royal village in Ngoma area on Monday. 

Speaking during the media briefing, senior royal family member Bartholomew Maiba stated that the royal family chose Mutwa due to his vast experience, which he says will be crucial in leading the Masubia people.

“He is a kind person – loving; he knows the Masubia tradition, and he also knows the chieftainship of the Venkuhane people. He does not need anything, as he is acquainted with everything. In addition, he is a protector, as he was in exile – and when he returned he worked in the justice ministry,” he said. 

“He is, therefore, a hero, a veteran and a lawyer, who can represent his people. That is why we chose him.”

He added that “preparations for his inauguration are still underway – and once everything is finalised, we will announce”. 

Contacted for comment, Masubia Ngambela Albius Kamwi stated the Khuta is not aware of Mutwa’s appointment. 

He remained tight-lipped. 

He, however, hinted that Mutwa’s alleged coronation should be considered null and void.

“We are not aware of anything – as far as I am concerned, we are still waiting for the royal family to agree and give us someone. If that ceremony took place at Ngoma, then it is for the people of Ngoma. The traditional authority operates at Bukalo; that is where the pronouncement of the new chief will be done,” said Kamwi.

2021-12-08  Staff Reporter

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