• June 6th, 2020

Mvula ya Nangolo: Tribute of a grieving son

Iyaloo Kalunga ya Nangolo

Life is the process of self-sustaining and self-generating action.
Life requires action, and action requires values. 
And it is these values that define a man,
Man's Life is his moral standard,
Baba, Tatekulu Mvula Ya Nangolo,
Was a man with values and a man with a moral standard.

My name is Iyaloo Kalunga Ya Nangolo,
The second born child of Baba Mvula Ya Nangolo,
I am here on behalf of his children, 
his grandchildren and his great grandchildren. 
Tate lived a full life, he lived to see his children grow,
He lived to see us marry, he lived to see us become parents, 
He lived to see his grandchildren also become parents,
For that we are grateful.

I would not have done, Baba justice,
If I do not present my eulogy in the form of a poem,
For this is where his heart and passion was,
Baba, the world may not have known or
Accorded you due recognition, but 
In View Through My Window you said all, 
You were always calling us to
look joyously through your poet window,
for there we will see the scenery of your heart’s pages, 
and the window to the gallery of your inner thoughts,

Although, we have lost you, Baba
Your legacy as model in our family, and personal lives,
No one can replace it,
You have left us, with a beautiful legacy,
You have taught many of us, 
How to live a life of kindness, care and 
always shown the greatest generosity of spirit and mind,
You will be sadly missed, Baba

Your love for liberty and freedom of speech and life, 
We forever be commitment to our hearts,
Your conviction of unwavering loyalty to this country and your political home: Swapo,
We shall continue, Aluta Continua

Notwithstanding all of Baba’s accomplishment,
His occasional bouts of tough love,  
His decorum of lingua-franca, through literature,
His pursuit of perfection in literature and journalistic works; 
Baba, ambiguously encouraging us to take bigger goals than ourselves, As well as, to develop, serve and preserve our African heritage and wealth for the prosperity and posterity of future generations.

 In other words, Baba in his ways urged us to strive to work smartly and diligently to serve growth of an African deprived hogs. Yes, Namibia is independent due to Baba’s generation’s contribution but he insisted that Namibia was birthed from very low literature and educational based in comparison to other African countries; he once remarked. 

The current and future generations thus need to equip itself with knowledge and zeal akin the energy Baba and other unleashed during the prime of his life to encourage others to join and support the movement for independence; but this time around for economical and wealth maximization of African child. 

For this, I urge the youth to read the Namibian Child, together with his ‘last’ published titled Aluta Continua.

Dedicated to Iyaloo and Puleni and all African sons and daughters I content:
‘ When I internalize my poetic rhythm now
I hear the systematic sound of Africa’s war
Drum echoing anger via our many a homestead
When the sun rises every morning our midwives
Ulutate to say that more warriors have been born
Diaspora’s revolutionaries leaves a maternity ward
Naturally faster than Olympic champions for war
In order to protect the Mother Continent’s wealth
We can never afford to take a nap but stay awake! 
Mvula ya Nangolo 19th November 2015;

Ulale Peponi Baba, In eternity of God’s Love.


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