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‘My Dream Wedding’ set to premiere soon

2021-06-18  Aletta Shikololo

‘My Dream Wedding’ set to premiere soon
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A new reality show focusing on Namibian traditional weddings is set to air on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in July this year.

Hosted and produced by creative director Julia Kadhikwa, the show called ‘My Dream Wedding Namibia’, will offer viewers an exclusive glimpse into Namibian cultural wedding ceremonies while at the same time highlighting and celebrating love.

She said the show will not only spread love, but also educate viewers about the different cultures.

“Namibia is high in tribalism; we can’t deny that. Therefore, it will be very informative to see what it takes for two people from different cultures to marry each other, and we will broadcast the (wedding) preparations of the different cultures. In addition, we will also showcase the beautiful Namibian landscapes,” Kadhikwa added.

Besides capturing the different cultures through weddings, the show will indirectly also remove the burden of having to pay a videographer for the wedding, and other related costs.

“We all know weddings come with challenges, so we are helping couples to have their dream weddings by lifting some burdens off their shoulders,” she said.

“‘My Dream Wedding Namibia’ will be the first of its kind reality show in the country. That alone is already unique, and as for the rest, I will leave it up to the viewers,” she explained.

In the world of influencers and social media sensations, Kadhikwa has made sure her name is amongst the movers and shakers. However, she has also received her fair share of criticism in the industry.

Late last month, she faced accusations of stealing the concept from the owner of ‘Wendy Creations’, Windeline Kausiona.

According to an article in a local weekly, Kausiona threatened to sue Kadhikwa for copyright infringement if she continues with the show and fails to present copyright documents.

“Kausiona said she has spoken about hosting the television wedding show in Kadhikwa’s presence at three different occasions,” reads the article.

Asked to comment on that matter, Kadhikwa rubbishes the claims, saying the statements, insinuations and suggestions by Kausiona regarding her are false and subsequently published to defame, humiliate and undermine her reputation, as well as stifle her progress in acquiring stakeholders and investors for her project.

She then presented her copyright documents from the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) to this reporter for clarity.

“These are my documents that show I am the rightful owner of my upcoming television show. I have not infringed on anyone’s work. Everything about ‘My Dream Wedding’ is an original concept by myself. Let her continue to sue if she still wants to continue and make a fool of herself in the public eye,” she commented.

According to Kadhikwa, Kausiona knew and ought to have reasonably known that her comments would be read by the Namibian audience.

“Despite this, she acted in a malicious and calculated manner to lower my self-esteem in the eyes of my current and future stakeholders, with the sole purpose of advancing her own ‘similar’ project which she concedes has not materialised in over 10 years,” she added.

Kadhikwa requests her fans and the public to be on the lookout for the upcoming television reality show.

“We are coming with many surprises; you do not want to miss this,” she noted.


2021-06-18  Aletta Shikololo

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