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My weekly take away - Be the change you want to see

2020-10-28  Staff Reporter

My weekly take away - Be the change you want to see
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Recently, a lot of unpleasing activities has happened, still happening and will continue happening in Namibia. Starting from infights in our sports fraternity to gender-based violence, our national health custodians compromising the lives of our Namibian citizens with their decisions, the list is endless.

These unpleasing activities has escalated on a rapid speed causing a furious nation to embark on endless protests in different parts of Namibia. Most of us sit in the comfort of our homes or offices and complain on social media all day long about everything wrong with this nation and the people in it from politicians, cops, lawyers, doctors, teachers, drivers, students, engineers, mechanics, maids etc. without actively doing anything about it.

In the same breath we excuse our own selves assuming we can’t do anything about it as it’s too massive a challenge. Of course you can change the world, but it starts with changing yourself. By being a better you. By moving. If you aren’t a good manager of your own self, how do you expect anyone else to do that for millions of other lives?

I put my hands together for all the activists and everyone being the change they want to see in the society. Moreover, I would like to give a round of applause to all the local and international athletes, coaches and fans who initiated meetings, protests and marching strikes to show their furiousness and unhappiness about the football situation in Namibia. You have done justice for yourself.
Furthermore, I would like to congratulate everybody involved in fighting gender based violence in any type of way. Whether by protesting, filing court cases or implementing strict laws for the perpetrators. All I have to say is keep moving. Do not stand on the side-lines spectating because tomorrow you might be the victim.

The bottom line is, to me anyone who respects themselves, will respect others too, and hence will be a good human being. That respect for yourself comes from being active, doing justice to your one life that you are sure about. In any case, if you want others to do good to you, you need to start with yourself first. Get moving and be the change you want to see in the world.

*Stefan Ngolo is a sports enthusiast and sports education scholar. He can be reached at

2020-10-28  Staff Reporter

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