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My weekly take away - Covid-19: Positive attitude is key to keep your career alive

2020-05-13  Staff Reporter

My weekly take away - Covid-19: Positive attitude is key to keep your career alive
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Covid-19 is testing young athletes and it’s at a time like this that youth players need to remember things that are required for athletic success: Positive attitude. 

If you’re an athlete or simply enjoy competitive sports, developing a positive mental attitude can help give you an edge. Covid-19 has caused different emotions and some athletes are about to give up on their sports careers. 
Emotions, both happy and sad are unavoidable and necessary, but they also can affect cognitive functioning (how well you think), your energy level, and other aspects of your physical performance.

Firstly, for athletes, it is important to have a positive attitude during this lockdown. One important key of positive attitude is remembering your “why” even with no competition is on the horizon, reflecting, remembering, and recommitting to your “why” or reason for training and competing in your sport cannot be compromised.

That can help you remain positive and motivated while adapting to current restrictions of the lockdown. The right attitude includes a combination of discipline, confidence, determination, motivation, dedication, work ethic, ambition, and respect. 
While keeping the latest social distancing and general recommendations in mind, it is advisable to continue being positive and continue training to a certain degree. You can use your new-found time to rest and recover, engage in other interests, manage school or work commitments and continue training or maintaining your level of fitness. 

It’s important to consider what is best for you right now and over time as our situation progresses. You may also want to discuss this with your coaching staff, perhaps revising goals or expectations altogether. 
All this needs a positive attitude. The bottom line is, this is the perfect time to cultivate positive attitude. All in all, the players with the right attitude will come back strong and thriving from Covid-19, while the rest will give up. 

*Stefan Ngolo is a sports enthusiast and sports education scholar. He can be reached at

2020-05-13  Staff Reporter

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