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Nabta condemns political interference in transport sector

2020-10-27  Albertina Nakale

Nabta condemns political interference in transport sector
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With the local authority and regional council election campaigns in full swing countrywide, the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (Nabta) has strongly cautioned against the use of political flags or party colours by public transport operators.
However, it clarified that public transport operators are free to campaign in their spare time or via social media platforms.
Over the years, it has become an occurrence that some public transport operators put political party flags, stickers and banners on their vehicles while offering services to the larger public.  

Nabta national chairperson Pendapala Nakathingo said political interference has become too much in the public transport sector.
He observed people are trying to campaign through the public transport sector for their political parties. “It’s not allowed and not recommendable. As per our constitution, it says Nabta is a non-partisan and non-political organisation.”
Therefore, he appealed to all public transport operators not to display any party colours or political flags on their vehicles.
He cautioned public transport operators should refrain from adorning political party colours while operating public transport, saying those who have done so should remove it.

“It’s not commendable because the public transport is not for one party, it is serving everyone irrespective of their political affiliation. But I must be understood clearly, I am not saying people in the public transport sector must not participate in their political party activities. They are free to do that in their free time. They should not get that influence through the public transport sector. Having the flags or symbols indicating political parties you belong to is not allowed. But if you are there campaigning for your party on social media and elsewhere is not a problem,” he stressed.

2020-10-27  Albertina Nakale

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