• October 25th, 2020

Nakawa calls it quits after 8 years at Air Namibia 

Air Namibia has confirmed the resignation of its longest-serving spokesperson Paul Nakawa, who was head of corporate communications and stakeholder management. 
Nakawa’s last working day at the national airline will be 30 September 2020. He joined Air Namibia in January 2012, which means he has served longer than any other spokesperson for the airline since its inception. 

“He has been a valuable member and a steadfast ambassador of Air Namibia. Amongst his core responsibilities, Mr Nakawa has been managing the full spectrum of PR and corporate communications, championing the profile as airline’s corporate branding and serving as the primary spokesperson as mandated by the executive committee (Exco) and board of directors,” read a statement by the airline. 

The statement added that during his tenure, Nakawa created a harmonious relationship between the airline and the media as a key stakeholder. 
“Together with his team, they implemented a successful online strategy that saw Air Namibia becoming one of the 10th most followed brands in Namibia on all social media platforms. Through these interactive platforms, Air Namibia was able to attract more crowds to grow the popularity on domestic and international grounds.  Nakawa served as a facilitator for AGMs and seminars hosted by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Africa Air Transport Association (AASA). 

“It has been a true honour to serve the nation by working for the national airline. Every moment spent at the airline was truly valuable. I have enjoyed my work, grew in my career, and engaged diverse people from all corners of the world. The world out there sees Namibia as a country through the lenses of Air Namibia, so it has been our mission to ensure our stakeholders get the correct message always. I have come to appreciate the key role played by airlines, especially for every country’s development agenda,” Nakawa proudly said, reflecting on his 8-year career at Air Namibia. 


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2020-09-18 10:31:17 | 1 months ago

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