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Nalebrity: Hottest mommy on the block

2021-11-02  Staff Reporter

Nalebrity: Hottest mommy on the block
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Influencer Sendry Noluthando has set the internet ablaze yet again with photos flaunting her beautiful and stunner body.

Last week has seen Sendry sharing photos of herself, looking nothing but gorgeous – and her fans have not shied away from letting her know just how much they love her. 

The comments that have been flooding in consist of messages of how beautiful she is, with many agreeing on the fact that the camera does love this sensational woman.

Fans are saying not only is she divine but that she has a kind and warm spirit that makes her even more attractive.
Sendry, who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, has fans gaping at how well-toned her body is looking a few months after giving birth.

No doubt, Sendry is the hottest mom we’ve ever seen.

The gentlemen in the comments section are gushing over the model, terming her the ideal woman they would want to be with. While we have a few saying maybe she should work on her tummy, loyal fans have ensured that the only comment Sendry will be reading is that of how badly they are all crushing on her.

In her recent Instagram posts, Sendry is seen adorning a beautiful floral dress that fits perfectly like a second skin – and of course, the sleeveless dress gives us a peep of her tattoo she got in honour of her newborn daughter.

The same goes for the off-shoulder bandage dress she is wearing on her second post.

You could mirror her Instagram feed to a Pinterest feed – beautifully curated and utterly satisfying.

It is no doubt that fans are loving the “No makeup, I woke up looking like this” vibe Sendry has going on.

Judging from her recent posts, this babe is taking beauty to a whole new level – and smitten does not even cover what and how Sendry has left us feeling. You have to agree though, Sendry does clean up nice – with or without makeup. Up until now, fans are still not sure who Sendry’s baby daddy is, with many also dying to know who the lucky man in her life could be if there is one.

The fitness model was recently in a relationship with DJ Castro, but all that came to a halt when he dropped the bombshell by announcing they were no longer together.

Since then, Sendry seems to be keeping the details of her love life on the down-low, and it looks like she is choosing to focus on raising her daughter and looking beautiful while she’s at it.

This year has seen Sendry also hit over 200k followers on Instagram – and it is only a matter of time before she gets verified on the platform as well.

Her social media journey screams inspiration if nothing else.  Throughout her pregnancy journey, the influencer took to her social media to share how her transition into motherhood has been, allowing her fans to live a day in her life and shower her with love and support.

2021-11-02  Staff Reporter

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