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Nalebrity - Exit gushes about fatherhood…says he is the happiest father

2021-08-31  Staff Reporter

Nalebrity - Exit gushes about fatherhood…says he is the happiest father

Exit Rockaz has taken to Twitter to gush about fatherhood. The musician has become one of the country’s most loved musicians and never ceases to amaze his followers. Despite the busy schedule that he has, which usually spans throughout the year, Exit does not shy away from celebrating or showing love to those who are close to his heart. It would seem that he does not have much time for his family, but he is a hands-on dad – and seeing him enjoying fatherhood leaves us inspired.

The musician shared a picture of him, standing next to his two girls – and captioned it: “Nothing better than a father who loves you!” The picture melted the hearts of many people, who took to the comments section to compliment him and his daughters.

Exit is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, titled ‘The Silence’. The album will be released today.

Exit recently trended for the wrong reasons after he was accused of not compensating two artists what’s due to them. It is no secret that Exit is one of the country’s well-decorated and much-loved musicians, and he has worked hard to achieve his dreams.

 The musician is the owner of Rockaz Productions, a record label he started a few years ago; he is a philanthropist of note.

To jog your memory for a bit, Exit and Samuel Ngodji partnered with Living The Dream Records to create an amazing album, titled ‘Die Hele Box’. 

The album was a major success but there was already some drama surrounding the album’s logo.

The artists accused him of stealing the branding and not paying them. 

Exit apparently claimed he would compensate them a whopping N$30 000, but he did not honour his promise. 

This prompted the artists to call them out on social media, posting: “I hope Exit and Samwele benefited from our brand without compensating us in any way”.

Last week, in a tweet, Exit said they are working on a new album cover and silenced everyone who has been accusing him of stealing the album’s cover.

“We are currently busy with the new cover with my face on it coz I’m more famous than that skull that @abed_jona  found. Can I be left in peace and the harmony that I deserve now? See you in stores this end of August and thanks again for pushing #TheSilence Album!!”


2021-08-31  Staff Reporter

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