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Nalebrity - Fossy apologises to Exit for accusing him… admits Exit knew nothing

2021-08-24  Staff Reporter

Nalebrity - Fossy apologises to Exit for accusing him… admits Exit knew nothing

Fossy has taken to Instagram to apologise to Exit for the accusations he threw at him recently. Fossy said: “Resolved. Exit not to blame for beat stealing. We blame the producer for reselling the beat. Salute and respect to the kwaito legend”.

“...However, he is cautioned against using the beat without permission. Salute to the Kwaito legend. Much love to all Namibian artists, producers and music fans.”

This is what people had to say about the apology:

@senale_kalawa9: “Kakwali tumushi paife twemushuwa ngaa nee okupitila medhina lyamukwawo hewa”

@boykie_official_69: “Ohamu pwalakata nai Namibians ano amwa fingwa koolye man”

@xentrix2021: “respect the legend but I salute you my nigga; at least you gain 5to7 followers from this”
@anonymous_dixson: “By the way they don’t make nice music, language that we can’t understand in Lagos”

@z_man_official: “To be honest, we are tired of listening from loserstoBeef naShapumba kamen’vo oto xuhu”

Fossy also urged artists to check if the beat they use on their song does not belong to anyone. He also appealed to producers to refrain from reselling beats.

Fossy did not miss out on an opportunity to plug his album, and said this whole thing was just a marketing opportunity.

Exit Rockaz has been at the centre of attention after he was accused of apparently not compensating two artists what’s due to them. It is no secret that Exit is one of the country’s well-decorated and much-loved musicians, and has worked hard to achieve his dreams. The musician is the owner of Rockaz Productions, a record label he started a few years ago, and a philanthropist of note.

To jog your memory for a bit, Exit and Samuel Ngodji partnered up with Living The Dream records to create an amazing album titled ‘Die Hele Box’. The album was a major success and is still topping charts, but there was already some drama surrounding the album’s logo.

The artists were accused of stealing the branding, and not paying two guys who are the creative heads behind the ‘Die Hele Box’ logo.

Exit apparently claimed he would compensate them a whopping 30k, but no payment has allegedly been made thus far. This prompted the artists to call them out on social media. In a fiery post on Instagram, one of the artists decided to put them on blast for not paying them, saying: “I hope Exit nd Samwele benefited from our brand without compensating us in any way,” he shared.

With the enormous support he continues to receive in his musical career, Exit attributed his success to his loyal fans who support him all the way. 

This morning, Exit has taken to his social media accounts to show love to his number one fan named Magano Ga Samuele.

In a post, Exit said Magano has always supported him since the inception of his brand, and thanked her for the endless support. This kind gesture melted the hearts of many people.

Photo: Instagram/@4ster_fossy

2021-08-24  Staff Reporter

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