• April 1st, 2020

NAMAs: artists have their say

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- The sad news broke by MTC’s Chief of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, Tim Ekandjo stating that after almost 10 years of closely awarding deserving local artists for their craft and contribution they have done in the music industry, it would regrettably bring this project to a close.
 Although MTC will stop the sponsoring the awards, Ekandjo assured that the mobile telecommunication provider remains interested in the music industry.
Entertainment Now! asked some artists on how they felt about the ending of the sponsorship and who they think could be suitable to take over in terms of sponsorship.

Best Rap/Hip-hop winner
I don’t know what the inner workings of that mean as far as MTC is concerned but it is a blessing for them to have given us a platform to showcase the music to a larger audience. I am thankful to have been part of the last few artists to win a collaborative award. The right entity to take over is that whose heart is set on doing what MTC was doing and focusing on the music. Logically speaking, as long as it is for the betterment of the creative industry. 
Top Cheri

Best Newcomer and Best Album 
of the year winner
It’s unfortunate for us that just started. Besides me, I know of people that are only starting now. It’s is just an unfortunate situation for a lot of people. It is not something that just came out of the blue, some reasons led to MTC deciding on this and I hope other companies will come on board and sponsor the awards. I would want companies such Rossing Uranium, Telecom to get on board and you get to wonder it terms of social responsibilities, where are they? NBL can also take over. 
 Ann Singer

I was shaking like everyone else. MTC has been a very big and significant part of the Nama’s but I am hopeful that pulling out was for very good reasons. One can only be hopeful about the future of the awards and stay positive that the company to take over from them will be as incredible and take the future of the Namibian awards to even greater heights. So much gratitude as well. Thank you MTC Namibia. So I am entirely grateful and hope that even though all this they will continue to support Namibian music. So nothing but understanding and a lot of gratitude towards the news.
 DJ Chronic

Best Producer winner
 MTC pulling away from this is a sign that we as artists need to start working together. When you working individually, it makes things difficult. So we need to work together. One of the companies that I am thinking on top of my head right now that are capable of pushing this further is Tafel Lager (NBL)

Best Duo/Group
It is sad to hear that MTC won’t be part of this anymore and 2020 is their last year hosting and organising the NAMAs. Like most of our peers are saying, whoever is coming in has big shoes to fill. But we should say that there have been a lot of artists who just make music for the NAMAs, now we will see who are the hardworking artists that are passionate about music and are serious about it. But this is a sign that artists will be pulling up their socks and working hard and not solely depend on the awards
DJ Lischen

Music Producer
I am heartbroken, MTC has raised the bar. They have set particular standards that I don’t think anybody can beat. I hope from here on, whichever company takes over, maintains the standards that have been set already. I remember the Sanlam NBC Music Awards which were a try and we grew from that so we don’t want to go backwards, the only way is forward. I am confident that companies like TN Mobile could take over this sponsorship because they are the immediate rival of MTC and that would be a great move for them. That will be an opportunity to prove themselves as a parastatal. If no one can independently come, then the usual sponsors that assist can all come together and make sure the awards continue annually. Other then that, I hope for the best but this is a low blow to the industry.

Best Single and Best Music Video winner
This is an obvious big loss to the industry because the NAMA (awards) have been extraordinary. They have done a lot for the artists. I believe whoever steps in is aware that they need to fill in big shoes, they will have to come in ready. We are sad, they have done a lot for us. But it is what it is. I can’t think of any company that has the money that MTC has that could take over but MTN has been here, they have been under the radar doing corporate stuff so maybe they could chip in. There are probably a lot of other companies that sponsor the awards but the question is, are they willing to?

Best RnB
It places a level of concern for me as an artist and I keep wondering whether the company going to take over will have the same intention that MTC has. Will they be able to promote and award artists accordingly? But I would call out Namibian Breweries Limited (NBL).

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