• June 24th, 2019
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NAMA’s nominees: Surprises and new blood


Staying with our awards coverage, let’s look at the some of the names that you may not know but have made it to the list and probably deserve your attention. Shaeto, a rapper, received probably one of the most important nominations for an artist...Album of the year. For people that are saying that Hip Hop is dead in the country, or has no identity, the judges clearly disagrees with you. Shaeto also received a nomination for Best RNB. Staying with Hip Hop, the judges want you to take note of Female rapper, Romi, whom you probably have never heard about. Her album 11:11 actually deserves your time. She got nominations for Female Artist of the Year, Newcomer and Best Rap/Hip. Staying with Female raps, Reeziana, probably shocked everyone including herself with her nomination. Reeziana is going to be fighting for Best Afrikaans. Blvc Boxx Entertainment star boy, Athawise, is another newbie who the judges want you to take note of. A dreaded ninja who returned from Cuba after pursuing studies in Law, is now giving veterans a run for their money. Athawise got the nod to Newcomer and Reggae. Baainaar Salvador probably leads the pack in being one of the exciting newcomers to the awards. Salvador’s album, Everything, received nominations for Newcomer and RnB. Antonio just knows how to pick em’ nuh? He may not be a newcomer but it’s great to see Karlos Lokos back in the mud. You probably remember him from his vocal work on Satlam’s “I do”. His work on his solo effort “Chosen” is pleasantly soothing to the ear. Karlos Lokos got nominated for Best Collaboration with Ondjira ft Etjo from Ethnix. Staying with veterans making a comeback, Michael !Owos-Oab is definitely the Oskido of this industry. He consistently produces for others but has since made an effort to release his own work. Bravo! Ome !Owos-Oab got nominations for Damara Punch and Traditional. Put some respect to this name, Mbapeua Mbaundamuje. Mbapeua is the brains behind, Warakata. He produced the song and is nominated for Best Producer. Dj Shoza, GMP’s dancer now artist is officially in the ring and ready to rumble. Shoza got the nod for Best Single for his song, Lombwelange, featuring veteran Teqla. Staying with GMP’s attempt to market other brands apart from Gazza’s, Teqla (formerly Tequila) signed to the label signalling her intentions to launch a comeback with a nomination in Best Single. Will 2018 belong to the newbies or will it be the year of the tried and tested? Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”! NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
New Era Reporter
2018-04-13 10:27:41 1 years ago

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