• July 18th, 2019
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Nambala’s special Harley week-end treat


Donna Collins Josephina Nambala is the funky ‘biker girl’ everyone is talking about, after treating herself to a brand new Harley Davidson Superlow 883 recently, and is not shy to saddle up and ride off into the sunset. Her figure hugging leathers, and stylish way she wears her funky boots and biker paraphernalia is a far cry from her corporate day job attire, working as a community development officer in City of Windhoek’s department of housing and property management. But, like all ‘free spirits’, Nambala has embraced her newfound lifestyle, and has joined the Harley Owners Group Windhoek (HOG), attending as many out rides and long distance Harley rallies that she can squeeze into her busy schedule. Referring to herself as a “girl from the north”, where growing up there were no bikes in her village, she first encountered the appealing bike culture in Windhoek. In fact, she first sat on the back of a bike three years ago, but it was the throaty sound of the Harley Davidson engine that picked up her ears and got her heart racing. Determined to ride a bike herself and not just be a pillion rider, she was spurred on by her close friend who rides a Harley Davidson. With little persuasion, Nambala went ahead and obtained her motorcycle licence in February this year, which she attributes to her great instructor, at the time Carl Greyling. “I always wondered how it was possible to keep a bike up on two wheels, and it all felt strange and a little nerve wracking when I first started,” said Nambala, who first learnt to ride on a small Honda motorcycle. “I am passionate about motors cycles and more so about the Harley Davidson brand, which when you are giving throttle on the open roads, gives you an ultimate feeling of freedom,” Nambala said. “Besides being the first black lady to own and ride a Harley Davidson in Namibia, I also part of the growing group of HOG women riders, who are all just as passionate about their bikes as I am,” said the proud mother of three. “In our culture riding a bike is considered to be a dangerous activity especially for a woman, but when you learn to respect your surroundings and understand the true experience of how to handle a bike safely, then it is the most exhilarating experience in the world.” Nambala also said that she saved up to buy her Harley and bought it cash from the Harley Davidson dealership in Windhoek. She said if you have discipline with your finances you can achieve a lot in life. “You can only achieve a dream if you work towards it because nothing comes easy,” she added. “Now my favourite pastime is when I get into the saddle and start up the engine of my Superglow, turning every week-end into the best treat there is.”
New Era Reporter
2017-10-12 10:10:04 1 years ago

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