• February 24th, 2020

Namdeb offers cheaper houses to staff

WINDHOEK - Diamond mining giant Namdeb, owned 50/50 by the Namibian government and De Beers Group has signed a historic three-year substantive wage agreement with the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) that unlocks new opportunities for the parties and the town of Oranjemund.

The agreement signed by Namdeb CEO Riaan Burger and MUN branch chairperson Shavuka Mbidhi on Friday will enable Namdeb employees to purchase properties at the diamond-mining town, Oranjemund at reduced prices. The agreement effective immediately will also see those wishing to purchase properties outside the mining town getting financial assistance from the diamond giant company. It is effective until 2022.

“The agreement demonstrated both Namdeb and the MUN’s commitment to the national imperatives of housing as priority area and furthermore serves as a tool for creating sustainable communities,” stated the two parties in a joint statement. 

According to the statement, the total value of housing benefit that will be provided by Namdeb amounts to over N$100 million, and is specifically tailored to enable first-time home ownership for lower income employees.

“This win-win agreement demonstrates our commitment to supporting the national development goals and in particular our on-going commitment to the economic diversification of the town of Oranjemund,” said Burger.
In this regard, Burger said, “I would also like to acknowledge our shareholders and stakeholders for the supporting role that they played in assisting the parties to reach this milestone. “ On his part, Mbidhi said, “as the MUN, we will continue to work hard to ensure that our members can improve their living conditions and gain access to affordable housing.” 

In addition, he said MUN will continue to seek further job creation opportunities and will work with stakeholders and partners to develop economic prosperity.

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2019-07-24 09:25:27 | 7 months ago

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