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Namdock and MANWU sign recognition and procedural agreement

2021-06-21  Staff Reporter

Namdock and MANWU sign recognition and procedural agreement
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Established ship repair and wholly Namibian-owned company Namibia Drydock and Ship Repair (Namdock) signed a recognition and procedural agreement with the Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (MANWU) on 3 June 2021. 

“This mutually signed agreement not only serves to ratify and confirm our recognition of MANWU and the interests of its members employed by Namdock, but also to record the strong sense of trust, goodwill and mutual respect of both parties in this regard,” said Heritha Nankole Muyoba, acting CEO of Namdock.

In line with the constructive and democratic communications strategy both parties have nurtured to date, the foundation of Namdock and MANWU’s mutually beneficial relationship is based on the common values of kindness, trust, transparency, respect, integrity and fairness. 

Through mutual adherence to these fundamental elements, both parties aim to set an example to other Namibian employers and unions in terms of building sound and meaningful working relationships, which foster and promote business growth and profitability. 

“Recognising MANWU to represent its members and all workers within the agreed bargaining unit is a commitment which needs to be proven, as we move into implementing the agreement. This agreement took us many months to be signed off - already an indication that we have a long way to go. We hope and trust that this agreement will truly be implemented, based on the values of kindness, trust, transparency, respect, integrity and fairness,” said Justina Jonas, MANWU general secretary.

“This signed recognition agreement is particularly noteworthy as it embodies the spirit and goodwill which we as a company and the union have always sought to bring to the table in our negotiations and decision-making, which will ultimately affect employees. 

“Namdock and MANWU look forward to strong and positive interactions in future dealings with each another, and look forward to a lengthy and mutually beneficial relationship for the benefit of Namdock’s employees,” Nankole Muyoba added. 

Namdock, an established ship repair company strategically located in Walvis Bay, provides a holistic service solution in all aspects of marine engineering and ship repair to the local and international shipping and offshore industry, as well as land-based engineering and fabrication services to a variety of industries, including mining. 

The company operates three privately-owned floating docks – including a Panamax-sized dock – in Walvis Bay.

2021-06-21  Staff Reporter

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