• August 10th, 2020

Namibia Genetics Auction Group hosts sale despite drought

WINDHOEK – On Thursday, August 15 farmers who participated in the biannual Namibia Genetics Auction Group event hosted at Agra Bank Windhoek Ring in Windhoek achieved an average price of N$25 000 for bulls sold at the auction.

A total of 14 bulls were put up for auction of which six were sold. These were four Brahmans, one Charolais and a Simmental.  

The highest price paid was N$29 000 for the Charolais. “Despite the current drought, this year’s auction results are satisfactory and we are positive they will improve as the rainfall and economy recover,” said Namibia Genetics Auction Group leader Bianca Lueesse.

Established in 2011 and sponsored by Bank Windhoek, the Namibia Genetics Auction Group is made up of 20 members specialising in eight different cattle breeds. It is the biggest cattle-breeding group in the country based on membership and breeds bulls and cows best suited to Namibia’s harsh environment. The group holds two annual auctions – one in May and another in August. 

Lueesse thanked Bank Windhoek for its support over the years. “The bank’s support allows us to contribute to the country’s food production in terms of cattle farming and we appreciate it.”   

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2019-08-27 07:43:00 | 11 months ago

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