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Namibian artists advice peers on finance

   Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Since the beginning of the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) in 2011, sponsors have forked out a lot of money to pay the winners.

Entertainment Now! traced previous winners, specifically the male and female artist of the year category winners, to find out how they spent their winnings and what advice they have for upcoming winners.
Albert Uulenga, known as Mushe, won male artist of the year in 2012 and 2013. Speaking to Entertainment Now! he said the first winnings went to his parents.

“I gave the main award money to my parents for blessings. The second time I won, I managed to buy a car and a house in Henties Bay,” said Mushe.

He cautioned artists who stand a chance of winning money from the NAMAs to spend it wisely.
“Please invest in something because if you don’t-you will regret it later,”  Mushe advised.
He said artists who win should not forget home. The musician-cum-businessman also owns and runs a poultry business, which he says is a pass time venture. “Poultry has become a hobby; it covers the bills. It is now a business on its own, as it employs people. That is something I wish my fellow artists can maybe invest in,” hinted Mushe. 

“They must focus more on business and meet the government halfway through job creation,” he said.
Over the years, Namibian female musicians have also made a mark and won accolades. One of them is Oteya. Under Ogoba Butterfly, she has won female artists of the year twice, first with Frieda as Gal Level in 2011 and secondly as a solo artist in 2015.

Speaking on behalf of Oteya, her manager, Sula Kyababa, said she bought a car as with her winnings as a solo artist and the rest was invested. 

“The spending of the money largely depends on the situation the artists find themselves in leading up to the win. Oteya had a house of her own, so she needed a car, which she bought,” said Kyababa. 
He further stated that it is important for artists or anyone to invest in property.  

“If you don’t have a house then your priorities should change; invest in something you can see. Avoid lavish and unnecessary spending, going to Dubai, buying expensive shoes,” said Kyababa.
He said kapana is a booming business in Namibia. “The NAMAs award money is something worth expanding, get stalls of kapana and employ someone that will be adding value to your money,” he told Entertainment Now!.

As management, they are there to bring leadership and guidance while artists are there to bring the talent. “We need to work together and make sure everyone is happy,” he said.

Big Ben is one vocal artist in the music industry. He did not go into detail as to what he did with the 2016 male of the artist winnings. “All I can tell you is that the cash injection was put to good use,” he said.
Big Ben said it is difficult to advise people on how to spend their money if there is no objective in place. “This also depends on the person’s interest. If they are into leisure, they will squander that whole amount. If they are into cars, they will buy cars. What should be addressed first for Namibian artists is to establish a certain type of direction and objective first before advising them what to spend the money on. If you already have a path objective it’s much easier to get advice on money spending,” said Big Ben.

Another award-winning artist who recently scooped the best male artist at the 2018 NAMAs is Saggarias ‘Kalux’ Karunga. On his winnings, Kalux informed Entertainment Now! he put the money to good use. “I invested in my music and gave back to the community. I hosted a free event, the Kalux Fun Day for the kids,” he said.

The ‘Netira’ hitmaker had some advice for future award winners. “I urge them to invest in important things and give back to the community whenever they can,” he said.

Other notable local artists who have won either male or female artist of the year include Tequila in 2012 who has now rebranded to Teqla, Blossom in 2013, Chikune in 2016, Gazza and Monique English in 2017 and Sally Boss Madam 2018.

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