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Namibian fashion goes global through Kultoure Magazine

2021-10-04  Staff Reporter

Namibian fashion goes global through Kultoure Magazine
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Terence Mukasa


Kultoure Magazine is a new hip online Namibian publication which showcases all things fashion, beauty, culture and living. The digital magazine went live on 1 August 2021. 

“Our aim at Kultoure is to give a bigger platform to Namibian content creators and business owners,” says editor-in-chief,  Elizabeth Namoloh (22). Kultoure Magazine also focuses on social issues, with contributions from 12 writers, one creative director and a photographer. 

“We want to give Namibia a platform to show how art can be versatile, yet intriguing,” she told VIBEZ!

Namoloh, who is a student at the East China University of Science and Technology, located in Shanghai, China, believes Namibia has no magazine that prints or sells at the moment, and her objective is for Kultoure to be the first magazine to make it to the public at large, but specifically their target market of readers 14 to 30 years of age as they are more interested in fashion trends.

She said the idea for the digital magazine was prompted by the lack of support for local brands, hence the magazine aims to give exposure to Namibian brands locally and abroad.

Apart from fashion-related articles such as features on Atuya fashion imports, androgynous fashion trends, weaves and wigs, the first edition of the magazine also carries commentaries on body piercings, reading as a mind exercise, as well as a review on the Jolt film; a Q&A with musician Ariel OG; an article on Namibia’s sports sensations flying the Namibian flag high; and much more. 

The magazine also strives to highlight social issues and matters of concern such as child trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

On the status of local fashion, she said: “Namibia needs to find its own groove, as Namibians tend to fit into the western fashion trends too much”. 

Namoloh further said fashion is not a specific style, and one can be fashionable without spending money. 

About her own fashion style, she said: “I change up my sense of style, depending on my mood. I love to explore my options because that gives me an opportunity to be creative”.

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2021-10-04  Staff Reporter

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