• June 6th, 2020

Namibian health delegation to visit India

WINDHOEK – Ten representatives from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ministry of Finance, National Planning Commission (NPC) and civil society groups will visit India from June 30 – July 5.

The purpose of the visit is for the Namibian delegation to learn from India’s experience of effectively using its social contracting mechanism in its AIDS control programme to scale up HIV service delivery and significantly reduce AIDS prevalence.  “This would help Namibia design, establish and monitor its own mechanism. The visit is being organised in collaboration with UNAIDS regional and country offices,” stated Indian High Commissioner, Prashant Agrawal.

Agrawal briefed the Namibia delegation on extensive ongoing cooperation between Namibia and India in the health sector. He also provided an overview of initiatives and policy approaches taken by the Indian government along with its partners in successfully controlling HIV prevalence.

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2019-06-28 08:47:25 | 11 months ago

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