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Namibian YouTubers unite

2021-09-10  Aletta Shikololo

Namibian YouTubers unite

As Namibian content creators continue to flood social media spaces with their talents, hobbies and interests, local content creators on one of the world’s popular video platforms, YouTube, recently met to pave the way forward for content creation on the site.

The first of its kind get-together took place at a local eatery in Windhoek.

From fashion, lifestyle, comedy to learning and wellness, these YouTubers have raised the bar on how creators engage with their audience, build a community, and propel the platform forward.

Speaking to VIBEZ!, Annalisa Amutenya, one of the YouTubers, said the idea was born out of a need to exemplify the incredible skill and creativity of the Namibian content-creating community.

“Creators have played an important role in shaping the culture on YouTube, and we decided to meet, get to know one another, uplift one another and collaborate,” said Amutenya. 

Having been a YouTuber for over three years, she said despite the determination and excellent quality content creation among the Namibian YouTubers, the platform is still restricted, and they lack the necessary exposure to make it big locally and internationally.

“Our work is not recognised, and we do not have the support we need, especially from the corporates. Those are some of the challenges we are facing that we have also discussed.” 

“We can only create a strong community if we work together. For example, if one is struggling with subscribers, views or any other hindrances, we always have one another’s backs. This initiative made us believe that we are not alone, and we can only grow by uplifting one another.” 

Amutenya said the initiative was also inspired by a popular Ghanaian YouTube personality and vlogger, Berthold Winkler, commonly known as Wode Maya, who has visited the country a couple of times.

“Many of us were really motivated by him to tell our own stories and uplift one another. The last time he visited Namibia, he helped us with words of encouragement, collaborated with many of us, and motivated us to embark on a mission of changing the African negative narratives by promoting our own country.” 

YouTube happens to be one of the many social media platforms where one can generate money, and many Namibian influencers and content creators have flocked to the platform to make a steady income.

However, for one to get their channels eligible for monetisation, Namibians have to change their location to South Africa or any other country that is recognised in the YouTube community and also reach a certain amount of watch time.

“I really hope our country will one day get the recognition it deserves.” 

Amutenya is appealing to all potential stakeholders to support and invest in influencers and content creators.

“For many of us, YouTube is more than just a hobby. It is about promoting cultures, influencing and making a living. That is why we are pleading to corporates to collaborate and invest in our content,” she added.

The group aims to have more get-togethers at least every two months.


2021-09-10  Aletta Shikololo

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