• October 17th, 2019

Namibians urged to downgrade to cheaper wines


Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop-The Minister of Justice, Sacky Shanghala says the country is not bankrupt as being suggested by some critics but that its economy is going through a normal cycle. Speaking at the Swapo //Kharas Regional Executive Committee (REC) meeting on Saturday, Shanghala said Namibia is currently going through a tough economic period, but he was adamant the country is not broke as suggested by some people and he stressed difficulties experienced are normal in any country’s economic cycle. He added even big economies experienced such difficulties, and thus people should understand it is a normal cycle, adding that while big economies like Greece became bankrupt, Namibia has taken measures to avoid such a situation, and economic growth is expected going forward. “People are saying this government has made the country bankrupt, but it is not true, we are not there yet because we decided to tighten our belts, and this difficult period is just a normal cycle like anything else in life, so let us explain this to our people,” said Shanghala. He further said, while Namibia is weathering a volatile economy, characterised by contracted fiscal space, it is time for Namibians to tighten their belts and innovate, and once this period is over, the only way to go is upwards. Shanghala added while the economic situation seems like a challenge presently, those in the know can already forecast positive developments to ensure the country is buoyed into healthy economic times, and it is up to Namibians to tighten their belts until such a time the economy is doing well again. “This economy has been well-managed, so we are not broke but it only means that we can no longer afford to drink champagne every day, we need to downgrade to cheap wine, Oros, cool-aid and even to sugar water if things are still going bad,” he explained. Shanghala then called on Swapo members present to be vigilant of people wanting to destroy the party, saying in the past some have moved from the party to form their own political organisations, but these parties have failed and thus no one will form a political party from Swapo again, but there will be those that will want to destroy the party from within. “Those who want to destroy Swapo will come to our meetings dressed in Swapo colours, so be careful,” he said. He also laughed off calls for an inquiry into the 2017 Swapo elective congress, saying the elections were free and fair, and people should now move forward as a united Swapo. “Even if you wanted to cheat, the margin was just too big, senior leaders got numbers that will tell you that people have spoken, now I hear of inquiry, I do not know if this will bring us together,” he said.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-13 09:38:56 1 years ago

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