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Namibia’s President and cabinet ministers’ music playlist

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Jane Swan once asked how is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, and our highest aspirations. That’s the beauty of music, that is the reason why people listen to music and that is why musicians make music, to communicate with their fans, to send messages of hope, laughter and many more.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how busy or preoccupied you can be- you will listen to music. Entertainment Now! had a chat with some prominent members of our legislature to find out what jams are pumping in their cars, phones or their respective music devices and who their favourite local artists are.

President of the Republic of Namibia - Hage Geingob 

My favourite song is Warakata by One Blood. And I would say my favourite local musicians are Kalux, Gazza and The Dogg (King Tee Dee). 

Prime Minister- Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila
I have noted with gratification the emergence of many local musicians and the art scene, the interest plus excitement that it has generated in the Namibian public. Rest assured it is the wish of our government to see our local musicians and artists continue to put to use and to further develop their talents and in doing so, helping to contribute to the shaping of our National Identity and propagate positive messages that inspire, especially our youth. 

Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy: 
Kornelia Kashiimbindjola Shilunga

I love local music, specifically, Ndilimani Cultural Group, Sally Boss Madam, The late Jackson Kaujeua`s music The wind of change, Jackson Wahengo. Swart Baster “My hart is Ding Dong”.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs: 
Maureen Hinda-Mbuende

I like listening to Jackson Kaujeua’s music, especially songs like The wind of change, I am a fan of Ras Sheehama, Stella and songs like Kapepo remain favourites.

Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of International Relations and Cooperation: 
Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah

I love all the Namibian musicians equally. I don’t put one above the other. It will be unfair. So it’s difficult to tell who my favourite is.

Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration: 
Frans Kapofi

I like listening to Ras Sheehama and Tate Buti a lot. 

Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service: 
Erastus Amutenya Uutoni

Namibian music has changed a lot. Many more musicians are coming in the industry but we are keeping up. I do listen to Sally Boss Madam as well as Tequila and others. 

Minister of Land Reform: 
Utoni Daniel Nujoma

I listen to a lot of local music and it’s usually sourced from stations I listen to most like Omurari FM, Nwanyi FM and Kati FM. I particularly listen to The Dogg (King Tee Dee), the lady that’s in China (Blossom). I also pay homage to liberation struggle songs, so Ndilimani Cultural Group will form part of the brackets. My favourite song is Chelete by Gazza, I can sing it from beginning to the end.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology: Stanley Mutumba Simataa

My favourite local musician is Top Cheri and my all-time favourite song is Ek worry fo*ol by Tate Buti.

Minister of Environment and Tourism: 
Pohamba Penomwenyo Shifeta

Namibia has diversity when it comes to music. Gazza (Shiimi) is my favourite. That includes Female Donkey (Femalo), Lady May Africa, Ongoro Nomundu, Shikololo, Sunny Boy, Ras Sheehama and Stefan Ludik. 
I have personal favourite songs and it includes Hage Geingob by Femalo, Ondarata notjange by Wild Dogs, Ekondombolo by Shikololo and Nobody and Kwateni Omnona by Gazza. 

Minister of Mines and Energy: Tom Alweendo

I am not a fan of music, I hardly listen to any so it will be difficult to pinpoint a favourite.

Deputy Minister of Health 
and Social Services: 
Juliet Kavetuna

Local music soothes the soul. My all-time favourite artist is Big Ben, the song Ekaku always lifts me. I am also a fan of Sally Boss Madam especially the song Natural.

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