• June 6th, 2020

NamPower launches fibre optic Grid Online

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Kauna Ndilula, Chairperson of NamPower Board of Directors at the launch of The Grid Online said they are excited about the new product because of its far-reaching benefits for the nation. “Fiber optics is the cleanest and fastest wide area network available which offers the highest capacity of any network connection,” she said. “It is the future of digital communication and the mission is to enhance fibre optic capabilities created through a core competency of the transmission network,” she further stated. 

According to Ndilula, NamPower operates an efficient electricity transmission network across Namibia and beyond its borders. “The new product offering will provide Namibia with the much-needed additional national telecommunications bandwidth,” she said.    Ndilula said the idea is to create an openly accessible framework for all service providers to make use of the valuable fibre optic asset, regardless of whether they may be start-ups or established businesses.

 “Start-up companies would be able to enter the market without the weight of costly network-providing infrastructure as it would be provided by the power utility as part of its existing structures,” said NamPower Managing Director Kahenge Haulofu.
Haulufu further detailed the product as Grid Online being a name for a product offering that avails telecommunications infrastructure sharing of NamPower’s versatile fibre optic network to other parties.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa pointed out that infrastructural development should also reach the rural areas, as that becomes an obstacle in terms of development in the country and further challenged ICT providers to make use of this opportunity to provide necessary ICT services to those who don’t have access to the facilities. “Another challenge that Namibia faces is the high costs of data as far as internet connection is concerned,” he said. “There is also the issue of limited internet access points in public facilities, especially in rural areas,” he added.

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