• November 13th, 2019

Nangombe refutes rats and cockroaches claim

WINDHOEK – Executive Director in the Ministry of Health and Social Services Ben Nangombe yesterday refuted claims that the Katutura hospital swarms with cockroaches and rats. 

Nangombe also dismissed allegations that the toilets in the hospital are malfunctioning and that patients have to use empty containers to relieve themselves. 

He was responding to questions by New Era following complaints of disgruntled patients who said hospital toilets are malfunctioning, resulting in patients having to use plastic containers to relieve themselves when nature calls. 

A disgruntled source also complained to New Era the cockroaches and rats are a problem at the hospital. 
“Katutura hospital is much cleaner than it was six months ago,” commented Nangombe.  

New Era also visited the hospital yesterday at around 14h00 to take photos but the hospital appeared clean, apart from a stench that greeted us in some of its corridors. 

“There are no rats and cockroaches. We installed a system that repels cockroaches and rats. There are no rats and that I’m sure of,” maintained Nangombe.

Alvine Kapitako
2019-06-04 08:26:03 | 5 months ago


  1. User
    oloman nghidileko

    Mr Nangombe, please do not deny such TRUTH. I was in the wards, specifically 2nd and 4th Floor , B-sections and I can testify that there are lots of rats. Please you better go there before you deny such. Call me 0812126923

  2. User
    Yama Moto

    Mr Nangombe I think your office is well cleaned and taken off. The only Ward without cockroaches is the Children`s Ward, the rest are congested with cockroaches. So don`t deny because it takes you ages to visit those wards. Service to the public should not be viewed as discrimination please. Be accountable

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