• September 21st, 2020

Nantu decries education budget cuts 

Josephina Mwashindange

The Namibia National Teachers Union (Nantu) has called on government to address issues around budgetary cuts that have negatively affected the education ministry. 

Nantu president Tomas Haihambo said the union was committed to the attainemnt of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGGs), including the provision of quality public education. 

However, the issue of budget cuts must be addressed in order not to compromise on quality education. 
Due to budget cuts, some official vehicles, which advisory teachers rely on when visiting schoools, have been grounded. 

The appointment of teachers and support staff, the provision of stationery to schools, construction of classrooms, libraries and laboratories as well as teachers’ houses are heavily hit by budget cuts. 

Nantu also warned that the implementation of professional development services will also not be fulfilled as a result of budgetary constraints. Meanwhile, Nantu has also called for the establishment of a regulatory body to regulate the teaching profession. The union feels the absence of such a body will make it difficult for the ministry to restore and standardise the teaching profession in the country. 

“Teaching is a unique career that moulds and shapes the young minds, therefore it needs to be regulated by a competent and independent professional body so that only the finest and fittest (teachers) who meet the criteria should be admitted to ensure quality public education for national development,” he said. 

Furthermore, the union appealed to government to release grants on time in order to ease the provision of infrastructure such as modern classrooms, libraries, laboratories, in line with the educational goal of equitable access to free quality public education.

*Josephina Mwashindange is an information officer in the ministry of information based in Oshikoto Region.

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