• February 25th, 2020

Napwu, NUNW without mandates ahead of Swapo electoral college

WINDHOEK – Leaders of the country’s largest trade union federation National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) and its two public service affiliates Nantu and Napwu have been operating without membership mandates after their terms have expired.

The situation has brought about questions on whether it technically complicates the union’s mandatory availing of parliamentary candidates to the Swapo electoral college slated for next month.

NUNW and all its affiliates are aligned to the ruling Swapo Party and there exists a pact that unions must have contenders at the electoral college where members of parliament are voted.

Many senior government officials, such as ministers Bernard Esau (fisheries), Alpheus !Naruseb (agriculture) and many others used the same path to parliament and eventually cabinet. 

The tenure of NUNW leaders expired on the 1st of May this year, while Nantu (Namibia National Teachers Union) and Napwu (Namibia Public Workers Union) have not held  elective congresses for seven years, since September 2012.

NUNW secretary general Job Muniaro, who has been at the helm of the federation since 2013, yesterday briefly said the federation is undecided when and where to hold its seventh congress.
Nantu general secretary Basilius Haingura, who has been in that position for 15 years, said the union is set for congress this month but did not divulge further details.

Napwu general secretary Peter Nevonga yesterday refused to answer any questions posed to him, telling this reporter that it was none of his business.

“Are you a member, why are you interested in Napwu affairs? It’s none of your business,” Nevonga said yesterday.

As Swapo party affiliates, the NUNW and its affiliate unions are supposed to elect candidates for the party Electoral College (‘the pot’) set for 2nd to the 3rd of September this year to elect Swapo Party representatives to the National Assembly.

The electoral college is the meeting where Swapo draws up the list of candidates expected to represent the party in the National Assembly after the elections.

In a circular sent to all Swapo regional coordinators last month seen by New Era, Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa said names of elect candidates to parttake in the party electoral college must be submitted to the party headquarters by Friday 23rd August and zebra style constitutional provision should be applied.

Shaningwa said nominations for the candidates for the electoral college should commence in accordance with provisions of the Swapo Party constitution, rules and procedures for election of party office bearers and party representation at legislative and government level.

“Comrades, you are hereby reminded that any structure that fails to conclude the renewal of mandates shall be excluded from participating in the electoral college,” Shaningwa warned in a circular.

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