• April 1st, 2020

NASCAM CEO to head continental body

WINDHOEK- The Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM) Chief Executive Officer Eino-John Max, was recently appointed to be  Chairperson of the Confederation of International Society of Composers and Authors  (CISAC) Africa Committee on a three-year term.
In August Max, was appointed to serve on Africa’s regional body after serving on the board from 2014 to 2016. 

Being in the driving seat means that the African continent and the world have noticed the good work that NASCAM has achieved so far in Collective Management Organizations (CMO) on the African continent. ‘’Therefore, Namibia should be in leadership positions to guide the best practice in collective management of rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music on the CISAC Africa Executive Committee and spearhead the agenda and projects that are put forward for Africa’s CMO’s’’ he explained.

Moving forward Max wants to urgently address of government to review and update the copyright laws to be in line with the digital era of today, most of the copyright works  are easily accessible through many on-line platforms and this happens through many third parties involved between Digital Service Providers (DSP) and owners of the intellectual property rights.

‘’ Artists will not enjoy their rights on the work they have created but owners of those online or digital services are the one mostly benefiting directly or indirectly through advertisement, exposer and the usage of data, that is called “digital dollars” in today’s time.’’ he said. 

Max will be advocating for that change and pushing for the implementation of the satellite broadcasters and telecommunication / mobile operators Copyright Music license in Namibia.

Max feels that the issue of gender engagements in Collective Management needs to be addressed in balancing the playing field.’’We need to motivate woman so that they can participate in the studies of Intellectual Property in particular copyright so the top management of CMO’s maintain the balance on gender on all CISAC affiliates African CMO’s’’ he stressed.

He further stated that music was never made for free, as it is an individual and corporate investment that should bear fruit

at all times when it is utilized.’’NASCAM will always advocate for the best interest of its members and demand better remunerations for all artists from all music platforms, like Broadcasters; DSP; On-line network; satellites broadcasters and telecommunication companies etc’’ he ended. 

The organisation will also be celebrating its 25th Anniversary of existence since its inception on Saturday at the Zoo Park with a jam-packed performance line-up free to the public. 

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-11-08 09:37:35 | 4 months ago

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