• July 8th, 2020

Nawatiseb urges investment in youths’ innovations

WINDHOEK – During the third and last day of the National ICT Summit, which commenced in Windhoek on Monday, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Engel Nawatiseb, said it is imperative that the majority, if not all, of the youth should understand the content and the context of the new economy and way of life that digital transformation is bringing about. The last day of the ICT Summit has become known as Youth Day, which is a day deliberately set a aside to focus on the youth and their innovations. 

While making the keynote address on the last day of the Summit, Nawatiseb encouraged the various business institutions and delegates to support innovation in the Namibian youth by investing in their innovative concepts. 

“Platforms like this ICT Summit Youth Day provide exactly the necessary opportunity for youth to be exposed to the concepts and technologies that will completely dominate their daily lives in a few short years. I therefore congratulate all the youth delegates present here with the serious intent to learn, research and navigate the complex reality that we are heading into,” said Nawatiseb. 

He noted that at the 2018 ICT Summit the ministry announced the commencement of developing a National Digital Strategy, in partnership with its stakeholders. This National Digital Strategy is intended to provide a comprehensive road map that will guide the country’s digitisation agenda. 

“I am very happy, indeed, to announce that the process of developing this strategy has been started and it is at an advanced stage. The Namibian youth are an important key stakeholder in the development of the digital strategy and their concerns and inspirations should be discussed and captured in order to be reflected in the strategy,” Nawatiseb said. 

He continued that while Namibia is confronted by a bulging sea of unemployed youth, the digital world may offer new entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. 

“What needs to be done is to maximise the emergence of new job opportunities by establishing policies and financial support regimes that will inspire young people to fully exploit their entrepreneurial and innovative potential. We are excited and eagerly anticipating to witness the unveiling of your innovative ideas, projects, solutions, for Namibia and the world at large,” Nawatiseb urged. 

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