• July 11th, 2020

NCCI leaders rebuked over infighting 

SWAKOPMUND – Deputy industrialisation minister Lucia Ipumbu has implored the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) leadership to resolve internal squabbles in order to focus on its mandate. 
The widely publicised standoff involving NCCI bosses have threatened to derail the organisation, with irreconcilable differences pitting the secretariat against its branches in several towns. Ipumbu made the request during the opening of the NCCI’s Swaitex that kicked off yesterday in Swakopmund. Swaitex is one of the prestigious events on the events calendar for the tourist town of Swakopmund. It brings together local and international exhibitors, service providers as well as small business enterprises. However, this year’s event was marred by infighting among the NCCI leadership. 

Ironically, no regional or local authority leadership from Erongo, apart from Risto Kapenda, mayor of Arandis attended the opening yesterday at The Dome in Swakopmund. 
The NCCI Swakopmund branch leadership was also a no show at the opening.

Chairperson of NCCI Swakopmund Paul Ndjambula on Monday indicated that they decided not to host the event at all this year due to a number of unresolved issues with their secretariat that caused delays, preventing the branch from making the necessary arrangements in time. He added that this year’s Swaitex was remotely organised from Windhoek despite it being an initiative of the Swakopmund branch. 

“As a branch, we cannot support this, as we are of the opinion that it will result in failure for the sponsors, exhibitors and the public. We do not want to risk doing lasting harm to the good brand that the branch has built over years with a hastily arranged event. We apologise for any inconvenience, and trust that the public understands that the decision was made in the best interest of everyone,” said Ndjambula. 

NCCI CEO Charity Mwiya during the launch of the event earlier, said the chamber has taken a strategic redirection in the organisation, planning and execution of Swaitex, and that it “is now a national and international event as per the strategic planning retreat held by its secretariat earlier in the year”. 

“This is due to the fact that we have managed to engage many of our national corporate members, who have generously come on board, either as sponsors or resource experts to add value to the vision of making Swaitex the NCCI’s premier international platform for business connection and growth opportunities. Ipumbu on her part said that internal difference should not affect Swaitex at all.  

“Ultimately, what matters is a sound institution that governs our social contract. NCCI as an institution is very crucial to the development of the private sector and the economy at large. Hence, we would like to reiterate to the NCCI leadership to work in unison, set aside and or resolve the damaging fissures within the institution and ensure appropriate adherence to governance and the renewal and sustenance of its mandate.” 

Swaitex was established in 2013, by the then chairperson and business personality Heinrich Hafeni who also did not attend the opening of this year’s event. 


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