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Ndapanda's travel guide - Coastal Namibia a tourism gold!

2021-04-23  Staff Reporter

Ndapanda's travel guide - Coastal Namibia a tourism gold!
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A tweet caught my attention while scrolling through Twitter some time back. 

A woman from Atlanta, Georgia said: “I wish there was a way I could experience both the ocean and the desert at once.” And I thought, “You can!” Before realising we are actually quite spoilt to have this. 

I don’t know if we appreciate how blessed we are to be able to do this in Namibia, and so easily might I add!! Do we appreciate coastal Namibia enough? I don’t think so. Not just for Sandwich Harbour (where the ocean and the desert meet), which I will get to later, but for the overall experience.

Now, if you have been taking advantage of the travel specials and experiencing Namibia these past couple of months, you would have experienced one or both these challenges: 

1. Namibian travel destinations can be terribly remote. You either spend hours on the road to experience one or two activities or alternatively spend millions (I’m exaggerating) on scenic flights.

2. The gravel roads aren’t always the best, you would need to either drive at a much slower pace or get a rental, which doesn’t always come cheap.

Namibia as a whole is also pretty much safari, so experiences don’t differ all that much. One lodge experience can be very similar to the previous, or worse yet, the next. It’s unfortunate. Coastal Namibia does not have this problem! The roads are tarred, ergo accessible and there is plenty to do!

Like what, you may ask. Let’s dig in!

Activities in Swakopmund are not only great, but some are also free too!

Examples are taking a walk on the beach, setting up and relaxing on the beach for a couple of hours while sunbathing.

I am terrified of both heights and water, so this one isn’t particularly easy for me but I will catch the sunset or sunrise on the jetty. The view is amazing!

The coast also has some of the best restaurants and cafes. Farmhouse Deli in Strand Hotel for a hearty breakfast, Two Beards and a Saint for aesthetically pleasing meals and laid-back vibe, or perhaps the Jetty Restaurant for some of the freshest oysters in the land. Plenty of choices, we love that!

Looking for a perfect sundowner spot? The Bay View Resort has exactly that, and with the perfect view and calming sound of the ocean. 

Again, I ask, do we appreciate coastal Namibia enough? 

There are some wholesome activities for families as well, with my favourite being the Eco-Gliding tours. The activity is eco-friendly, the service is amazing, bookings can be made online and it is affordable!

Families can also visit the aquarium, go camel riding (although, I do find this activity a little dull), quad-biking, sand boarding or climb up Dune 7 if they don’t mind getting literally everywhere!

Lastly, accommodation in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay is pretty fairly priced. Here are some of my favourite spots and the specials they are currently running. 

Strand Hotel of O&L Leisure currently has a full board special of N$999 per person sharing for Namibians. Although this special is for non-sea facing rooms only, it does include bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is a pretty good deal! The special is only running until 30 June 2021, so get booking!

A favourite of mine is the Lagoon Suites in Walvis Bay. This timeless slice of heaven is nothing short of perfection. It’s a perfect balance between modern and classic. Nothing was left to chance, everything well thought out. Not one single detail was a miss. Literal perfection! A little on the pricey side - the current rate for Namibians is N$2 000 inclusive of breakfast only. It is however worth it!

Lastly, the Bay View Resort. I rave about Bay View quite a lot. Perhaps it is the sea-facing rooms, or maybe the SALT Restaurant, maybe the play on the colour that they executed so brilliantly, I don’t know. It is quite a sight. Consider the Bay View Resort when planning your next trip. It will be that much more beautiful without causing too big of a dent in your pocket, okay? Tell them Ndapanda sent you and when you do make it to the coast, do not forget to make the drive between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Not many are blessed to experience two extremes in that setting. The desert on one side of the road and the ocean on the other. That is bananas!! 

Do not hesitate to reach out should you want to connect or perhaps plan your travel with me, I am at your service.

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2021-04-23  Staff Reporter

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