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NDAPANDA'S TRAVEL GUIDE - Invest in unique experiences

2020-08-07  Ndapanda Haininga

NDAPANDA'S TRAVEL GUIDE - Invest in unique experiences
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Namibia is one of the best Safari destinations in the world, Top two ask me. 
Whatever corner of the country you visit, during whichever time of the year at whatever lodge you stay, you will likely have a safari experience. 
We, unlike countries like Kenya who have beautiful islands as an alternative to safari experiences, are pretty much full-on safari. 
How then, do you maximise and make sure each experience is unique and not repetitive?
This is what I am here to discuss today.
Each Lodge and/or camp usually has at least ONE specific activity that is unique to them. 

Mowani Mountain Camp 
The camp is in Damaraland for example, it has an Elephant drive that can go up to six hours, six hours of you Elephant trekking, where else in Namibia? 

Sonop lodge
The lodge is situated in Southern Namibia, it offers scenic flights over the Namib Desert all through to Sandwich Harbour. 

Erindi Private Game Reserve
Erindi, in the centre of the country is to date, known to have one of the best game drives in the country. If you can afford them, these are the kind of experiences you should prioritize. 

Talk to the locals
Travel is about getting out of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself by meeting new people, eat new food, learn to say hello and goodbye in a different language. Strike up a conversation! Experience (first hand) how people live, what they eat, how they survive and so much more!
You may learn a new skill. Maybe how to make a fire, you never know! Meeting locals is perhaps one of the most authentic ways to experience any area. No tour guide can ever offer you that. 
That coupled with our animal population, natural wonders like Deadvlei and our landscape are second to none. 

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2020-08-07  Ndapanda Haininga

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