• August 5th, 2020

NDAPANDA'S TRAVEL GUIDE - Namibian travel essentials

My travel journey around Namibia started approximately four years ago. I made the conscious decision to get up and experience this beautiful country, and I did so while keeping a very tight budget (laugh with me).

The end goal is to experience every corner, to learn about every culture, to taste our homemade food, to document our traditional dances, to drink our brews, to wear our clothes and to learn our languages (even if it’s just “hello” and “goodbye”). To document and share authentic Namibian experiences, you see? I guess now is a good time as any to mention that I have now started a YouTube channel? 
I have, through these experiences, picked up some tips and tricks that may make your travel easier, should you ever want to travel the country. I will share more on that in two weeks. Today, I am sharing what I think are essentials for occasional domestic travellers, especially with all the specials currently running in tourism. Here it goes:

We are a desert country; the sun can be quite harsh. Always carry your sunscreen to protect yourself. Sun damage from UV rays can cause wrinkling, dark spots, etc. Even during winter, please always carry your sunscreen. If you can see the sun, the sun can see you too!

4x4 car and camping equipment
It is unfortunate but some of the best Namibian attractions can only be accessed with a 4x4 off-roader. The areas are secluded and can be hundreds of kilometres away from “civilisation”. While sedans may be able to get you through, my recommendation is always an off-roader. The journey is easier, the drive is smoother – and despite the distance, they are always worth the drive. 
Camping equipment is one way to get through the country on a budget. Campsites are currently charging anywhere between N$100 and N$350 per person per night. You can take advantage of this if you have your equipment. 

This is perhaps specific to me but never leave your camera behind. Namibia is gorgeous. The red dunes, the large green trees, the rocky mountains – did I mention the sunsets? Document your travels, please? We need more authentic content of Namibia by Namibians. Plus, pictures make for beautiful memories. Take as many as you can; share these moments with us!
Lastly, always carry a water bottle. The icier, the better!

Should you need more tips on domestic travel, please do consult via @ndapandaconsultancy.
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