• September 30th, 2020

Ndapanda's travel guide - Travel post-Covid

I don’t know that you’ve noticed, but I’ve been gone a while. It almost feels like I should introduce myself again. 
Quite a bit has changed since I was last here, and while things are very slowly returning to normal, I don’t know that “normal” will ever be what we once knew. I, like everyone else, have been doing what I can to limit the spread of the Coronavirus by doing only what is necessary outside my home. Abiding by lockdown regulations. Wearing a mask, washing my hands as much as I can, social distancing, the works! I also recently travelled to the Etosha National park. My first trip post the Covid-19 outbreak.
The start of the trip felt pretty normal.

I loaded my bags to the boot of the car like I usually do, checked that the tyres were good, made sure I had our fire playlist, then embarked on our four-hour journey to safari heaven. 
We enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we drove the mandatory 120km/hour speed (you know, like the law-abiding citizens we are) and sang along to all our favourite Young T tracks. Like I said, pretty normal. The first change only happened when we reached the first roadblock. We were politely asked to step out of our car, had our temperature checked and the car searched for alcoholic beverages. When none were found (Because, again, law-abiding citizen) we were told to proceed. New normal? 
..and proceed we did. Pumpin Tate Buti this time. There really is no beer in heaven, get it? (laugh with me.) We arrived just as the sun was setting. 

Upon the lodge, the entrance was a bucket of water and soap. Wash hands or no entry. That was the second change. The third change happened at dinner time. 
While the food was available, seating at the restaurant was not. All meals at the lodge were served on a takeaway basis. We called the restaurant for our room and told to pick up our dishes. The same rules applied to the pool area.
Outside of the daily housekeeping, rooms were also desensitized.  Unusual perhaps, can even seem annoying, but to curb the spread of this deadly disease, this may become the new normal. 
Have you travelled post Covid-19 outbreak? How was your experience? Stunning, stunning views. Namibian sunsets are second to none.
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