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NDAPANDA'S TRAVEL GUIDE - Value for your money

2020-07-27  Staff Reporter

NDAPANDA'S TRAVEL GUIDE - Value for your money
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As I so often mention, I am a budget-conscious traveller. I save up before I can make any travel happen. I even try to cut as much cost as I can as I travel. By this, I mean carrying my food where possible (as to not pay for food at travel destinations), subscribing to loyalty cards that allow for accommodation and activity discounts, and looking out for amazing lodge specials.
With borders currently closed and no tourists coming in, Namibian lodges have been running specials to attract domestic clients to salvage the little they can and keep the tourism industry alive. 

Quite a number of them caught my attention and is what the youth call “the liker of things” that I am, I booked myself into one or two. 
My position has always been to use this time to travel to places that would otherwise be out of my budget. I was looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Mostly though, I wanted to understand the reasons for these rates – per person per night. I needed to know.
I quickly found value. I learned that great products and services are often set apart by the small details.
Just so you know what I mean, here are three current specials that you may want to consider and experience yourself. 

Mowani Mountain Camp

The lodge has slashed rates by more than 75% to accommodate domestic travellers. If Damaraland is on your list of must-see places, this is one you should consider. 

Chobe Water Villas

The fairly new Villas is a luxurious experience just off the Chobe river. Each chalet has a stunning view of the river and boat cruises can be experienced at extra cost. It’s a bit of a long drive but it is worth it. 

Etosha King Nehale 

The newly-opened Etosha King Nehale has an extra 15% off the normal 50% discount they offer Gondwana cardholders. The special ends on the 31st of July. I am a little late with the information but you still have time to make it happen. 

Happy travelling!

Should you need more tips on domestic travel, please do consult via @ndapandaconsultancy.

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2020-07-27  Staff Reporter

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