• July 20th, 2019
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Ndeitunga calls for productive police


Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop-The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, has made an impassioned plea to police officers to be productive when carrying out their duties. He said that while the government pumps billions of dollars into the police force, some officers do not carry out their duties productively and efficiently, which must come to an end. Speaking to police officers at Keetmanshoop recently, Ndeitunga raised concerns about police officers who do not carry out their duties properly, but simply wait to receive their salaries. He said the country looks to the police to keep law and order and prevent crime and thus members are expected to deliver and ensure that they meet the expectations of citizens. “Are we productive? Are we living up to the expectations of the nation?” he asked. He added that a customer satisfaction survey carried out through the Office of the Prime Minister indicated that the nation is not entirely satisfied with the work done by the police force and therefore changes need to be made to improve matters. Ndeitunga said most unproductivity is as a result of absenteeism, laziness and officers coming to work intoxicated, and he strongly condemned such acts saying this is the year of reckoning even in the police force, and such acts would no longer be tolerated. “You are paid to deliver, and there are habitual offenders who are always absent from work but are never absent from the bank to get their salaries.” He added that some officers also do not act professionally while carrying out their duties, as they shout at the public and act unmannerly. He urged them to carry out investigations with vigilance and speed, so that cases are finalised on time and do not drag on for years, as this negatively impacts the case, especially regarding witnesses. Ndeitunga further asked the officers to respect the property of the force and treat it like their own, especially the vehicles, saying many a time officers misuse police vehicles, which thus age quickly, leaving police stations without transport to carry out their functions. “We take years to finish investigations and when we take long witnesses forget, they die or they relocate and this becomes a problem, and we should take care of our property, especially the vehicles. I have never appointed Michael Schumacher in the force, so those who race with police vehicles will face the music,” he said. He was in the //Kharas region to familiarise himself with operations and motivate and remind officers of the duties bestowed on them.
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2018-02-08 09:24:40 1 years ago

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