• March 30th, 2020

Ndeitunga on the warpath… vows to deal with young people insulting elders

OSHAKATI - Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga has teared into disrespectful youth who resort to social media to insult national leaders.

Ndeitunga said the youth can complain, criticise and demand for services from the people they have elected without resorting to insults. 
“There is no article in the constitution that empowers you (youth) to humiliate and degrade someone. The dignity of everyone should be respected by everyone; our leaders should be respected,” emphasised Ndeitunga.

Ndeitunga was speaking at the opening of the Oshana regional headquarters on Friday.
He, thus, vowed to deal with these ‘disrespectful’ youth and ordered regional commanders not to entertain the insults of elders in their regions.

“We know them and we will deal with them now.  Enough is enough of insulting; an order is given – I don’t want to see this nonsense in your region. Call them (youth) to order.  If you don’t, I’ll call you to order,” Ndeitunga said to the regional commanders.

Ndeitunga’s remarks were met with mixed feelings by some youths, including the Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL). PDMYL leader Maximilliant Katjimune said the remarks made by the inspector general threatens democracy and suppresses political freedom expression.

Katjimune further said the Namibian constitution does not offer a litmus test that indicates the applicability of appropriate insults in a democracy.

“Hence, the sentiments expressed by the inspector general will serve as a slippery slope, where it will eventually serve as an excuse for politicians to use the state apparatus to intimidate young people when they speak out,” said Katjimune.

Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) secretary Ephraim Nekongo said the inspector general is merely addressing a moral issue. Nekongo acknowledged the country is faced by challenges; however, such challenges cannot be addressed through insults.

“We must agree we are unemployed; it’s true we don’t have water and it is also true we are faced by social problems as young people – that builds up anger but those are situations we need to address and manage, not through insults,” Nekongo said.

At the same occasion, the inspector general also appealed to the police to desist against aligning themselves publicly with candidates or political parties.

“It is against the code of conduct of the Namibian Police Force.   No officer is allowed to actively involve in political activities. If you want to be a councillor, an independent candidate… you need to go out of the police [force],” said Ndeitunga.

Ndeitunga also teared into police officers who are working with criminals. He said the police are faced with challenges of some police officers stealing dockets and private police information to feed the public.
“When we want to go and invade houses where drugs and properties are hidden, the police officers are the ones tipping off criminals,” said Ndeitunga.

Nuusita Ashipala
2020-02-17 07:12:50 | 1 months ago

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