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Ndeitunga wants better pay for junior cops

2022-06-28  John Muyamba

Ndeitunga wants better pay for junior cops

RUNDU – Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga says he is aware the majority of law-enforcement officers are poorly remunerated, which often leads to low morale at work.

According to Ndeitunga, not all police officers want to be promoted but prefer improved salaries due to economic hardships being experienced countrywide. 

“We know that your salaries need improvement, especially from a chief inspector down to a constable, and because police officers don’t belong to trade unions, we are their trade unions, that is why we are negotiating with government to increase their salaries at least from rank of chief inspector and below,” he said. 

Ndeitunga, who is due to retire in the coming weeks, was speaking at Rundu yesterday. While bidding farewell to police officers, Ndeitunga noted that high ranking officers above the rank of chief inspector are better off but the lower ranking officers are getting peanuts. 

“We are fighting for you to get better salaries, but you should be patient as there will be light at the end of the tunnel one day,” he said. Ndeitunga, who has been at the helm of the police for 17 years, further said he was excited to see young faces making up the majority of the force.  “It is an honour to address you today, probably my last address to a parade like this one. As I was inspecting the parade, I saw young faces, meaning that in the 17 years that I have been the inspector general of the Namibian police, I have recruited most of you. I have promoted most of you and I have disappointed most of you and I have fired those who are not here,’’ said Ndeitunga. 

“Because when you are leading a team, it is not done singlehandedly, you have your management, your advisors and head of directorates as well as police stations advising me as the inspector general. Today, I am proudly saying goodbye to them and to you.” 

The outgoing police chief also urged police officers to be proud members of the force, who have an important task to protect the lives and properties of citizens.  Ndeitunga said during his time, he made sure to balance the force by bringing in women at high-ranking positions, despite being criticised at some point.

 “When you decide to take up a career as a police officer, commit to it and be honest,” he advised.


Adios… Outgoing police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga.

Photo: John Muyamba

2022-06-28  John Muyamba

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