• May 31st, 2020

Ndeitunga warn cops allied to secessionists

Aron Mushaukwa KATIMA MULILO - The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Sebastian Ndeitunga has accused some rogue, unprofessional members of the police members in Zambezi for allegedly sympathising with the little known pro-secessionists Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) activists. Ndeitunga made these remarks when he addressed members of the police force in Katima Mulilo yesterday. According to Ndeitunga he has been reliably informed there are some members of the force supporting CCG-affiliated to the banned UDP and its exiled leader Mishake Muyongo. According to Ndeitunga, among the suspected sympathisers are some high- ranking police officers. “Some of you with those ranks we have promoted you to – you are even sympathisers or even members of CCG. These lunatics who are messing up here in Katima and you are there police officers. Some of you, you even sneak cell phones in the cell for them to talk to Muyongo - you will bite the dust like them,” threatened Ndeitunga. “Police officers, they are even sympathisers of UDP, a non-registered political party – people who we have even promoted, you don’t deserve this organisation – the police force. All of you I have promoted you, some of you I have recruited, not to sympathise with CCG – people who want to separate Zambezi Region from the rest of the country. You know them, you are also cowards and you are betraying the nation, because you don’t tell us who are they among yourselves,” stressed Ndeitunga. He further stressed he plans to reshuffle members of the police force and take them to other regions as most of them have become too comfortable in their current duty stations. He added that those who are guilty of sympathising with CCG must resign before they end up being fired. “That is why I came here because I heard enough reports of people who are supporting CCG in the Namibian Police Force. People supporting UDP in the Namibian Police Force. It is a risk to state security. We should sort them out now. They should change, they should repent, they should reform, and they should become born again,” said a seemingly agitated Ndeitunga. He concluded the Zambezi being a tourist attraction region, must be protected at all times, and those who threaten to destabilise its peace and security must be brought to book.
New Era Reporter
2018-07-13 09:06:54 | 1 years ago

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