• December 9th, 2019

Ndikwetepo to be coronated as head of Ondudu district

OKALONGO – Well-known resident of Okalongo and Oshakati Natanael Ndikwetepo will be coronated this Saturday – June 29 – as traditional head of Ondudu district in Okalongo.

Ndikwetepo, known mostly through his work in the northern operations of the Lutheran church and volunteer work for the ruling Swapo Party, is scheduled for coronation at his traditional homestead at Olupito village in Okalongo.

Ndikwetepo was originally appointed to the traditional role in 2017 by Ombadja traditional chief Mathias Walaula, but was never sworn into the role officially through coronation.

A big crowd is anticipated this Saturday at Olupito, as Ndikwetepo officially succeeds the late Timo Nakapala, who held and excelled in this role prior to his death in 2016.

Ondudu district encompasses five villages, namely Olupito, Onaidjimba, Omatwadiva, Okafitu kaUvale and Ondudu.

Okalongo has five districts, which are Onandjaba, Ondudu, Onembaba and Omutundugu.
Prominent traditional leaders from traditional, religious and political setups – especially those based in the northern parts of the country – are expected to grace Saturday’s coronation of the man they have known from the role he plays in their respective domains.

Ndikwetepo, who said he is humbled by the responsibility bestowed upon him by Chief Walaula, said: “This is our event as a community. I therefore would like to extend my invitation to everyone from Okalongo and beyond to come and share this special moment with me.”

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2019-06-24 09:31:04 | 5 months ago

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