• August 3rd, 2020

Ndinelao, a story long overdue


In most cases children born with HIV are unaware of their status and this poses a danger not only to their partners, but also to themselves. The scriptwriter and director of the film, Ndinelao, Paulina Moses, speaks about her upcoming film, which tells a story of an 18-year-old teenager born with HIV.  The film is expected to be released this September. Ndinelao’s storyline stresses modern HIV prevention methods; post-exposure prophylaxis (PeP) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PreP) as well as the dangers of keeping the HIV status of children born with HIV, a secret.  The film was shot by the Erongo office of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT). Moses describes the main character Ndinelao as a well-mannered, strong and a determined teenager who finds out at the age of 18 that she was born with HIV. She says the second character in the film, Gonteb, is a young and wealthy family man, who is confident in his arrogance and discovers that he slept with a woman known to carry the virus. “This story has to be told because it deals with current social issues with regards to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Besides entertainment, it is also our duty to be informative and educative,” says Moses. With many challenges and incredible odds faced by local film makers, the ministry has successfully completed this movie and according to Moses, making a good film with financial constraints is difficult but possible. “Without a sufficient budget, a filmmaker has to compromise on many crucial aspects of production, one being unable to acquire skilled actors/actresses.” Moses adds that there is also hope for aspiring film makers who are unable to undergo formal training due to finances or lack of opportunities. “You can still be a successful film maker provided that you are passionate and talented. Never underestimate the power of a person with a vision,” she encourages. She further advises filmmakers to strive for originality rather than popularity, adding it’s important to tell stories that need to be told and not which will gain more views. “Do not replicate the last successful film you watched because you want the same success”, she says.   Casts in the film are Jerine Gebhardt, Uzapo Kaiuina, Sharoldine Bock, Elizabeth Martin, Nicky David, Esegiel Tjahikika, Lionette Dickson, Kevin Kashekele, Uaripi Katjiukua and Renate Rengura.
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2018-07-20 10:16:43 | 2 years ago

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