• August 7th, 2020

Ndopore launches first album


Pinehas Nakaziko Oviritje singer, Rijameka Katundu, popularly known as Ndopore, is launching his debut album, The Chosen One, at the Tate Sammy’s Beer House No 2 in Okakarara tomorrow. Ndopore’s manager, Petrus Samuel, says music lovers from Okakarara and nearby towns can expect a live performance of all Ndopore’s songs on the album. One Blood and Moi Ngaro, among other artists, are also performing. “Expect the unexpected because Ndopore will rock the market of Namibia as he is a good singer and the best entertainer,” says Samuel. Ndopore’s album contains eight songs with hits such as Ouami Omundu, Ngaturonge and the Chosen One. The album is titled Chosen One because of the artist uniqueness and unexpected entry into the Oviritje genre, and for kicking up a storm with his heavy performances in Okakarara. “Despite that there are lot of Ndobores in the market, he is the chosen one,” says Samuel. The launch show starts at Seven o’clock (19h00) in the evening.
New Era Reporter
2018-08-03 11:08:36 | 2 years ago

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