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NDP candidate vows to address corruption and favouritism

2021-08-10  John Muyamba

NDP candidate vows to address corruption and favouritism

RUNDU – Self-employed Chripher Mukendwa Simasiku, who is the National Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for the upcoming Katima Mulilo Urban constituency by-election, says corruption and favouritism will be a thing of the past if he is elected.

He also said service delivery will be top priority. 

The constituency will hold a by-election on 25 August, necessitated by the death of former councillor John Mukaya, who died in a car accident in May this year. 

“People asked me to stand in this by-election. What inspired me is that people saw potential and capability in me; they needed me to stand for them because there is a lot of injustice happening around the regional council, which is mostly affecting the poor masses of Katima Mulilo Urban constituency,” Simasiku noted during a recent press conference in Katima Mulilo.

Simasiku stated there is poor service delivery in the constituency and he vows to change that. 

“Our poor masses do not have land or places to call home in town. They don’t have land to cultivate and unemployment is high among our inhabitants. Lack of proper health equipment is also an issue here, and the current leadership has failed to deliver basic needs to people,” he stated.

“Once elected, I will improve the economic challenges of our poor masses. Our street vendors and those at the market are being charged a lot of rates and taxes from their small profits, which they need to use to sustain their needs; I vow to reduce the rates and taxes in consultation with the town council.”

Simasiku has also promised to ensure his office creates more projects within the constituency to reduce unemployment as well as improve and upgrade the healthcare system, which, according to him, needs improvement.

“I cannot allow a situation where our people are constantly referred to hospitals in other regions. As a councillor, I will also fight for people to have land. I will ask land from our traditional chiefs for extension of the town to accommodate developments in our town,” he said. 

Simasiku said the constituency needs an energetic and visionary person like him who understands their plight, as he has been a resident of the constituency for many years.

“I am a community leader, community activist for the people of Katima Mulilo and that made me aware of challenges that the community are facing. Being a community activist makes me be in a good relationship with the mayor of Windhoek who we are going to work with to improve the living standard of the Katima Mulilo and bring development to our town,” he noted. 

The NDP candidate further noted that once elected, he will invest in education by establishing schools in informal settlements like Lwayaha compound, Cowboy location, Dairy location and Macaravani West to shorten the distance children walk to school. 

“More clinics will come to these informal settlements; I will make sure in my tenure to make Katima Mulilo Urban constituency electrified in all corners,” he said. 

“Most importantly, our people need clean water. My priority will be to supply clean water since most informal settlements do not have proper access to clean water since they drink underground water, which is not suitable for human consumption.”


2021-08-10  John Muyamba

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