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Nelago Johannes harnesses her traits

2021-03-26  Aletta Shikololo

Nelago Johannes harnesses her traits
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Aletta Shikololo

Nelago Johannes (23), who is well known in motivating and public speaking circles, has branched out into new business endeavours, as she just launched her skincare line recently.

Johannes, who launched her beauty care products under the brand ‘La Fille’, said her vision was born in 2011 when she was 13 years old as a result of attempting to help herself deal with highly sensitive and dry skin. “As a person that has always struggled with a dry skin, I learned that maybe naturally induced products would be of help and we tried to find natural remedies that would be less likely to cause skin irritation,” said Johannes, who co-owns the business with her partner, Charles Makari.

Johannes’ work with ‘La fille’ has brought incredible products to the market, including multifaceted steamers and essential oils that cater to customers’ skin, mental and physical well-being.

“Our mission is to offer naturally-induced skincare products. This is why our goal is to ensure a first-class experience every time customers use our steamers and oils to give them an at-home spa treatment,” said Johannes.

While the pandemic has created the potential for entrepreneurs and leaders to notice shifting demands, understand where new opportunities lie, and launch products that meet those demands, Johannes believes it is vital that her offering will also be a winning concept under all circumstances – with or without the pandemic.

“Our target market is skincare enthusiasts, young adults and older people. The facial steamer and oils have versatile uses, in terms of beauty care and healthcare, e.g. steaming with eucalyptus oil helps combat Covid-19 (flu-like) symptoms,” said the young entrepreneur.

Johannes and her business partner sell facial steamers and oils in bulk to hotels.

“We are looking into providing to be a distributor to pharmacies for our essential oils,” she noted.

Talking about her public speaking company, ‘The speaker’s power’, Johannes said the company’s primary focus to educate people on how to speak.

“I believe in public speaking but also the ability to articulate oneself is a valuable tool. Our vision is to become a leading public speaking/coaching company in Southern Africa,” she said, envisioning to be at the peak of the storytelling events of her generation.


She added: “The vision is to be part of the biggest corporation that helps shape and mould young and old leaders alike to be resourceful, impactful and influence many to have the moral compass to uphold and run our country in terms of education, arts, health, politics, businesses and our environment.”

Potential customers can check out her work on her website and all her social media platforms.




Taking up space… Young Entrepreneur Nelago Johannes.

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2021-03-26  Aletta Shikololo

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