• April 22nd, 2019
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Nestor drags Ambunda to court...As confusion reigns supreme

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-The ugly war of words between Namibia’s leading boxing promoter Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias and boxer Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda has escalated to disquieting levels, with Tobias dragging Ambunda to court over breach of contract. As earlier reported, the melee between Namibia’s multiple award-winning boxing promoter Tobias and the country’s former double world champion Ambunda stems from the boxer’s recent decision to join the Salute Boxing Academy while he was still contracted to the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy, which is owned by Tobias. Upon his departure from the Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy, Ambunda publicly announced at various press conferences that he was joining Salute Boxing Academy as a free agent as he never had any contract with Tobias but only a verbal ‘‘gentlemen’s agreement”. But Tobias later shot back at the boxer, insisting that Ambunda - who became a two-time world champion under his guidance - was still fully contracted to his academy and therefore still has binding contractual obligations towards his boxing promotion. Despite Tobias insisting, a couple of times, that the boxer cannot join Salute Boxing Academy because he would then be breaching his contract, Ambunda stood firm maintaining that he never had a an official contract with Tobias and only a gentleman’s agreement – hence he is free to join Salute. As of yesterday, New Era Sport learnt that Tobias had dragged Ambunda to court and that the matter was now in the hands of their lawyers. Further investigations by New Era Sport, although not fully established at the time of going to print, brought to light that Ambunda does in fact have a contract with Tobias and as of yesterday, his (Ambunda) lawyers were busy trying to strike a deal where they would settle the matter out of court but it appears proceedings did not go their way, as the matter will remain before the courts. Contacted for comment yesterday, Ambunda’s lawyer said he could not comment as the matter is now before the courts. Also contacted yesterday, Tobias confirmed that he dragged his former protégé to court over the pending contract issue and that his lawyers are now handling the matter, thus he cannot comment any further. Ambunda joined Salute Boxing Academy along with former champions Vikapita ‘Beast Master’ Meroro and Wilberforce Shihepo, both also previously with the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy.
New Era Reporter
2017-09-29 11:44:28 1 years ago

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