• July 18th, 2019
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Nestor unfazed as Salute whines

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-What has now come to be known as a catfight between two of the country’s biggest boxing stables Salute Boxing Academy (SBA) and the MTC Nestor Sunshine Fitness and Boxing Academy, has taken another ugly twist. This is after Salute Boxing Academy owner Kiriata Kamanya launched a scathing attack on promoter Nestor Tobias of the MTC Nestor Sunshine Fitness and Boxing Academy, accusing Tobias of trying to sabotage his boxing stable and the future of his boxers. At a press conference in Windhoek yesterday, Kamanya claimed that Tobias, who had earlier on Friday lodged a failed urgent court application aimed at stopping Paulus Ambunda from stepping into the ring against Tanzania’s Tasha Mjuaji for their featherweight fight, further went on to secretly contract organisers of the Otji Festival trying to talk them (organisers) into calling off Salute’s boxing bonanza. Salute’s Otji Festival Boxing Bonanza was part of the mega Otji Festival that took place at Otjiwarongo over the weekend, which also featured football, music and car-spinning activities. “Ever since I launched my academy [in July 2015], he has done and said things to hurt my academy; he has no interest of boxing heart,” Kamanya said. He said he has proof in the form of emails sent by Tobias to the organisers of the Otji Festival in Otjiwarongo to stop the boxing bonanza. “Willbeforce (Shihepo) was supposed to fight a guy from Malawi while Lucas Ndafoluma was supposed to fight someone from Zimbabwe, but the opponents withdrew at the last minute because I believe people from Namibia called the opponents and advised them not to come to Namibia,” he added. Kamanya said people like Tobias, who want to sabotage him ‘out of jealousy’, would not deter him. He noted that he had been supporting Tobias financially and spiritually since he started his academy in 2000, but now he wonders why he is getting such treatment from his former boxing business partner. Contacted for comment, Tobias refused to entertain Kamanya’s allegations and demanded that if he (Kamanya) has proof that he tried to sabotage their boxing bonanza at Otjiwarongo, then he must come forth and prove it as opposed to throwing around allegations. “To be quite honest with you my brother, I have to time nor the energy to comment or get into a debate with those guys. If they have evidence that I was behind what they are claiming, then they should bring their proof. They can continue to talk bad about [me] in the media and do what they want, but I’m not going to entertain them or grant them the platform to be noticed at my expense. I don’t have time for irrelevant stuff,” said Tobias. -Additional reporting by: Nampa
New Era Reporter
2017-10-06 11:01:27 1 years ago

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