• July 22nd, 2019
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New curriculum a game changer for teachers

Obrein Simasiku Ekulo The circuit inspector for Omuthiya, Fillemon Nangolo, has pleaded with teachers to rededicate themselves to their work and pull up their socks as the new educational framework will require a more sophisticated approach. Hence, he said, those that will be unable to cope with the required standard of teaching under the new curriculum will be redeployed to other schools to match their skills level. “If we realise that you cannot teach on the A level, definitely we will have to redeploy you to a school where you are capable. I am not trying to scare you but prepare yourself for what is ahead. You are aware that Grade 11 will now be the first exit point in the senior secondary phase. Therefore, after that, learners who wish to proceed to Grade 12 can do so, as well up to Grade 13 which will be on level A. This means that teachers will have to redouble their efforts to teach on that standard,” stressed Nangolo. He addressed teachers during an award ceremony that was held at Ekulo on Friday. Nangolo further warned that it will be a big challenge for those currently in Grade 10 who happen to fail and wish to repeat as they will be moved back to Grade 9. With the new basic education structure, Grade 9 will be the last junior secondary phase where learners will write junior secondary semi-national examinations, which will then be marked on a regional level. Promotion will depend on the national promotion criteria The curriculum is diversified into an academic stream and a pre-vocational and technical stream. Meaning after completing Grade 9, a learner may decide to go for technical or vocational training, or proceed to Grade 10 then 11 where they will sit for national examinations. After Grade 11, they will receive an internationally recognised National Senior Secondary Certificate, which can allow them to go to higher learning institutions or enter the job market. Meanwhile, those completing Grade 12 will have an internationally recognised certificate, a National Senior Secondary Certificate Higher Level.
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2018-04-11 09:19:44 1 years ago

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